I’m going to break away from my typical “we” point of view blogging style for a moment and tell you about the people I’ve been blessed to work with since coming to WSI Smart Marketing earlier this year. WSI Smart Marketing is owned by the Kelly family. If you are looking for internet marketing specialists in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and you want to hire a company filled with truly good people, I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

First, there’s Ryan. (Second from left.) Ryan Kelly is often a business owner’s first contact with WSI. I rarely see him sitting down, and he is great at coming up with a plan of action for whatever situation his client is in. He’s a much-sought-after internet marketing speaker who started his career with the Yellow Pages but quickly realized that internet marketing was the future. Fun fact! He loves throwing parties and charity events and has even organized a charity poker tournament. No one works harder for his clients and the community than Ryan.

Then there’s Ken (on the right). Ever calm, Ken Kelly has done it all. He started as a high school teacher, which in my opinion proves he can do anything. Later, he co-founded the number one blood bank technology and automation company Immucor. One of his proudest moments was receiving a plaque from the Governor of Washington for starting a Big Brother’s Club, through which his high school football players mentored a young boy throughout the year. He loves working with his family at WSI. More importantly, he brings me my paycheck.

Judy Kelly is Director of Production here at WSI Smart Marketing. Her background in interior design and as a freelance deposition reporter was the perfect prelude to a career in web design and content. She believes that the conscious use of color inspires us and enhances our lives. Her advanced education in English and her deposition reporting on every topic from plumbing to neurosurgery prepared her for providing our clients with perfect grammar and punctuation. In fact, I hope she doesn’t read this! Fun facts about Judy—she enjoys listening to Christian radio on her way to and from work, and she’s a news junky.

Brandon Kelly (left) rounds out this family of internet marketing specialists in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. He makes the computer-related phone calls that sound like gibberish to me. I don’t understand anything he says until “their site is ready.” He says that his 7 years at WSI have been incredible because working with his family is fantastic and working with the clients is a joy. He says his job gives him such a sense of accomplishment. Fun fact: Brandon learned to juggle from a Youtube video. He juggles a lot of responsibilities at work, too.

Robby Meyers is the least salesy salesperson I’ve ever met. A seventh generation Santa Rosan, his family has owned local businesses since 1869! Robby is a great listener, and that helps him to deduce which of our services, if any, would most enhance your business. It’s easy to see why the Kelly family hired him when their business outgrew them.

And I’m Marie Millard, the newest member of the WSI Smart Marketing team. Not all of our clients hire us to write ongoing blog entries, but when they do, they get me! I take information from their website, current events, keywords, research, and any topic suggestions the client gives me and I put together friendly blogs that boost Google rankings and are (I hope) pleasant and interesting. My web page content is written in a more professional style. Fun facts about me: I write novels, I play trombone, and I’m still upset about Buster Posey’s ankle.

So here we are, your internet marketing specialists in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. If you need to get traffic to your website, CONTACT US or call (707) 843-3714 for a free consultation.