5 Effective Video SEO Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

There are many reasons to use video content marketing. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and pictures combined. Video is the most engaging type of content. Users are ten times more likely to engage (watch it, share it, or comment on it) with a video than social posts. Video also showcases your products better and increases brand awareness.

Uploading random videos to YouTube or any other video-sharing platform or social media platforms won’t get you anywhere. Prior to uploading a video, you need to make sure that it is optimized to drive engagement. Here are some video SEO tips SEO marketing companies in Sonoma County swear by.

Use Impactful Descriptions and Titles

Your video titles and descriptions are the first things that many viewers will notice. An impactful title will pique your viewers’ interest and give them an extra reason to click on your video. Make sure the title of your video matches the content. If your title is entirely different from the content, your rankings may suffer due to a lack of relevance.

Remember to incorporate keywords in your title. To help search engines index your videos as quickly as possible, optimize your descriptions for context and relevance. Using unnatural, inaccurate, or misleading descriptions is a bad decision and can cause your rankings to suffer. Place a link to your website in the upper part of your video description. Remember to use your researched keywords 3-4 times in your video descriptions.

Add Appropriate Tags

Tags are keywords added to videos after they are uploaded. Tagging your videos improves their visibility and makes indexing easier. Use relevant tags, as they will help you rank better.

Use Accurate and Visually Appealing Thumbnails

An impactful video thumbnail draws attention. Use a relevant and accurate thumbnail that best represents your video. You can either choose from three thumbnails that YouTube provides after a video is uploaded, or create a custom image.

Though creating a custom thumbnail may involve some effort, it will give you a better chance of featuring a snapshot to entice users. Use a still from your video to create your custom thumbnail. Best YouTube thumbnails have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Use text that is easy to read and understand.

Research Keywords

Research keywords before making videos. Find out whether your chosen keywords have YouTube results. Type your preferred keywords in the YouTube search bar and check for YouTube’s autosuggestions.

Use Google Trends to discover the search volume for keywords you intend to use. If you have just started a YouTube channel and do not have many subscribers, target low-competitive keywords to drive high-quality traffic to your videos.

Promote Your Videos

Here are some ways to promote your videos:

  • Incorporate them into your posts
  • Share your videos in your social circles
  • Embed videos in your emails for subscribers
  • Include a call to action asking viewers to like, comment, and share


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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The advertising world is constantly advancing; therefore, you should continue evolving your digital marketing strategy as well. The digital marketing strategy that you must follow must be well-thought-out and designed a way to achieve the goals and key metrics that reflect how well your business is performing. As your goals to achieve online success grow and change, you must change your strategies from time to time to maintain congruency with these goals. Listed below are a few tips from one of the top marketing companies in Sonoma County to streamline your digital marketing strategy.

Revisit and Update Your Goals – Every so often, be sure to review your goals that you set at the beginning of the year to see if anything has changed since. You could use analytics tools to review the performance of your website and each of your social media channels. This will help you determine which of them drove traffic and had conversions, and which are not performing as well as they should be. This will help you pinpoint pain areas that need improvement. Tools such as Buffer, Moz, and Google Analytics will help you in this regard. Once you have identified areas that are lagging behind, set up new goals such as changing the frequency of posts, content style, and tone of voice based on your objectives. After several months, re-evaluate the status of these goals and see if there is noticeable improvement.

Clean Sweep Your Accounts – One of the biggest concerns in the digital world is privacy and data usage. By simply doing a cleanup of each of your accounts, you can minimize the amount of data that is online without your knowledge. This lets you have more control over your privacy. This may include auditing who has access to your social media profiles, analytics, and website. Keep your eyes open for any applications that you may have authorized. You may either remove such applications entirely or change the settings such that less information is available. Be mindful of the apps that are authorized to post on your behalf.

Update Your Social Profiles – Your social media profile is an extension of your brand. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your profile reflects your company’s brand accurately. In order to stay in tune with your spring-cleaning theme, also be sure to review the biographies on your social media profiles and the‘about’ section of every social media channel your company has. Ensure they all provide a message that accurately reflects what your business does and stands for. If they do, great! If not, it’s a great opportunity the streamline the description of your business across each of the social media platforms that you use.

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