Episode 34

Should you invest in website security for your business? Watch this episode to find out.

Hey, welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I am your host. Today I’m going to be answering the question for you, why is web security important and do I really need to pay a bunch of money for it or hire a company to do it? It’s a great question!

Well, let’s talk about why website security is important. Number one, let’s talk about hacks. Hacked websites target your customers and are on the rise. When your website gets hacked, your business reputation also gets hacked. What about learning from mistakes? When you don’t keep your website secure and it does get hacked and it falls apart, you have to pay somebody to fix it, to clean it up, to get all the poisonous code out of it and that is extremely expensive and time-consuming, which can impact the bottom line of your business. So there are some reasons.

What about blacklisting? What about if you get hacked and blacklisted? There are a million reasons why, but how do you protect your site? Install SSL certificates, update the foundation to your website regularly, update the foundation to your plugins regularly,  put up a web application firewall,  run regular site scans, etc. There are a million things you can do, but the idea is website management security is crucial to protecting your customers, your reputation, and your bottom line. Here’s your answer. 

My name is Ryan Kelly, if you like what I had to say, please subscribe and I’ll catch you next time on SEO on the Go!

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