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Find answers to frequently asked questions about search engine optimization, website design, website maintenance, paid search advertising,email marketing, reputation management, social media management, social media marketing and billing.

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the aggressive pursuit of first page rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With more 1st-page rankings on any given search engine, comes more organic traffic to your website, leading to increased conversions and online leads for your business. This is done through strategic SEO best practices on a website.

While every campaign is unique, a good benchmark for the growth period of SEO is anywhere from 6 to 24 months to fully realize results and ROI. Some businesses see results quickly and for others it takes time. It all depends on how in-depth the campaign strategy is. Some items that can impact the growth speed of an SEO campaign are: the scope of the campaign, the local or national competitive landscape, how competitive the targeted keywords are, what type and the amount of content being produced, pre-existing brand awareness, domain authority to name a few.

There are different factors that impact where your website ranks on Google results pages for traditional searches and voice searches. To come up on a voice search, ensure that your website is mobile friendly (which includes fast and responsive design) and your content is written as you would speak it. Users performing voice searches phrase their queries a different way from users performing traditional searches. This includes using long-tail phrases such as “the best digital marketing agency in Santa Rosa, CA” vs. a short-term phrase such as “best digital marketing Santa Rosa.”

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for SEO. Every campaign has different needs based on the business’s goals and therefore needs a different solution. For the best idea of pricing, it is best to have a consultation with a digital marketing specialist to discuss the goals and aspirations of your business.

Local SEO is a highly targeted version of SEO through the utilizations of geographies to target specific areas for results. These can include phrases like ‘near me’, ‘in Sonoma County’, ‘Northern California’ or ‘in Santa Rosa’. National SEO, on the other hand, focuses on broader terms to reach a much larger audience using phrases without geographies. As an example, a clothing store online may choose to have a national campaign centered around phrases focused on their products like ‘sweaters for teenagers’. On the other hand, a clothing store with a physical location may focus their local SEO campaign using phrases like ‘sweaters for teenagers near me’. With local SEO, it is critical to claim and optimize your Google Business Listing to achieve Google map rankings to drive local engagement and results.

SEO helps grow your business’ presence online. So long as your business has a website, a drive to improve, then Search Engine Optimization is for you.

There are many factors at play in creating a successful SEO campaign. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make sure your SEO is heading in the right direction.

1. Ensure you have a plan. Laying out a strategic plan prior to engaging in a SEO campaign helps lay out the organization’s goals and aspirations, making it easier to design a SEO campaign to meet those goals.

2. Write relevant, informative evergreen content. In short, write information that will be useful to your audience in a way that it has a long shelf life.

3. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Google loves seeing businesses that are continuously working to improve their online presence through regular content uploads, website optimizations, and user experience improvement. Making small changes consistently is a key aspect of achieving long-term growth.

4. Make sure your NAP is up to date. The name, address, and phone number of your business are some of its largest identifiers. Make sure they are uniform across the web by performing a business listing audit frequently.

Any reputable SEO company provides transparent, in-depth reporting that allows you to keep track of the monthly performance of your campaign. They should also be willing to meet with you to discuss your campaign’s performance, goals, and optimizations whenever asked.

If you’re looking to keep an eye on how your website is performing, there’s a few key technologies that you should keep your eyes on.

1. SEMrush: This tool helps you track how your website is performing on your targeted keyword phrases, allows you to perform keyword research, and keeps an eye on how your competitors are doing.

2. Google Analytics: Analytics enables you to get real-time information of your website’s traffic. After all, how can you improve if you don’t know where you’re currently at? Analytics provides insights into your users, sessions, bounce rate, and more to help paint a picture of your website’s performance. Bonus: It’s free.

3. Call tracking: If you know how your traffic is looking on your site, why not figure out where the phone calls are coming from? With call tracking you can utilize multiple tracking numbers to determine origins of your visitors, finding where most of your leads are coming from and capitalizing on those areas to further your business’s growth.

Website Design

While WSI’s pricing is very competitive, the cost of a website depends on the size, features, functionalities, mobile compatibility, and build. Expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 for a simple 5-page site, $6,000 for a 10-page site, $8,000 or more for a 15-page site and upward depending on the complexity and size of the site.

It is more efficient to incorporate SEO at the time the website is being designed. This is called foundational SEO. Once the website has been completed, the option of ongoing search engine optimization is available depending on your needs, growth goals, and so forth. If you’re looking for lead generation, SEO may be a good fit.

Our experts have extensive experience working with hundreds of clients across multiple industries and businesses. We have extensive experience in home services, manufacturing, health and medical, legal, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, construction, automotive, hospitality, food and beverage, alternative medicine, e-commerce, and financial and insurance services. We’re happy to discuss your particular business needs, and we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Give us a call at 707-843-3714.

WSI’s expert web designers take about 4 to 16 weeks from kicking off the project to completing and launching the website. Sites that are highly complex can take up to 6 months or longer. Website completion can often be expedited when necessary.

The most effective way we communicate with our clients is via email. We’re available for phone calls at any time. Emails have the added advantage of eliminating confusion during the website build process by providing a documented record of communications.

Generally speaking, you will need to provide a logo and images to enhance the user experience, boost your branding, increase conversion, and improve the overall appeal of your site. We need written content from you to populate the pages of the website. If you do not or cannot provide that, we have talented copywriters that write quality content for our clients.

As an award-winning website design company, we can attest to the fact that WordPress is a powerful website builder and an effective content management system. It’s customizable, SEO friendly, easy to manage, safe and secure, and can handle many different types of media. If your industry or business is a distributor, manufacturer, winery, or a shop that sells products online, alternative or more appropriate commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are tailor made for on-line shopping websites. WSI can work with you to determine the best platform for your business.

WSI has proficient copywriters who can produce impressive content for you. It’s important to have a copywriter who can write about your products and services in easy-to-understand language that people outside of your industry or business can comprehend. Our copywriters have marketing skills that translate your products and services into concrete benefits that prompt website visitors to react and contact you.

No matter the size of your business – whether it’s a small, medium, or large operation – a website produces a higher return on investment than other forms of advertising. Your relatively low investment in a website will build your brand and yield dividends by driving potential new clients to your business. Your website will establish yourself as a leader in your field, showcase your products and services, display your testimonials and reviews, and ensure your company’s future success. WSI Smart Marketing is an award-winning agency that is ready to partner with you to build a results-driven website to grow your business.

There will be times when your web presence needs to be updated to properly inform your visitors, provide them with relevant and updated information, and keep the search engines coming back to improve your visibility. There are many changes you can make from editing text to adding new images. However, when it comes to the complexities of layout, design, and dynamic features, such as e-commerce, databases, and member areas, it is best that you rely on our WSI specialists that are highly trained in programming, which requires a high learning curve.

To purchase a domain, you simply visit an online domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy, input the name of the domain you want to buy, and pay a fee. You are free to buy any domain that hasn’t already been registered by another party or businessperson.

The “registrant” of the domain is the legal owner. When you are purchasing a domain, make sure you use your own phone number, mailing address, and email address. Sometimes business owners find out later that they don’t legally own the domain and that the web design company owns it.

Website Maintenance

WSI offers three competitively priced packages as well as a fully customizable option from which to choose to address fixes and security on your website. If you aren’t interested in handling it yourself or in-house, we handle the time-consuming security and maintenance issues for you at a nominal fee. Be sure to give us a call at 707-843-3714 to find out more about our services.

One of the main reasons for website maintenance is to ensure your website is up to date with security updates and software patches. Otherwise, you leave your website vulnerable to hackers to access your site and tamper with the data or the database. Our experts work to make sure your website is protected.

Regularly keeping your site content fresh and relevant raises your Google rankings, increasing your potential to gain new visitors and new business. A well-maintained site promotes your brand and gives your visitors the best possible user experience.

Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the usage of ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to generate clicks through to your website. With PPC, the business has a set budget of ad spend for the month and pays when users click on their ads.

Many variables factor into the cost of a Google Ads campaign including competitiveness, historical cost-per-leads, industry, and revenue generated by the product or service. This is why it is important to meet with experienced digital marketers who are able to determine the needs, variables, and foundation of your PPC campaign to give an accurate budget recommendation.

You’ve likely noticed ads following you around online. These ads are part of a retargeting, or remarketing, strategy in a paid search campaign and will follow you around for a set period of time after you either view or click on an ad. The function of these ads is to help keep your business top of mind and entice the user to return to your site to purchase.

Pay-Per-Click starts working the moment the campaign is switched to live. This means that you can start seeing both your ads and results the same day as a campaign is launched. As a general rule of thumb, it takes about 90 days to generate a fully optimized paid search campaign and determine an average cost-per-lead.

Pay-Per-Click does work without display ads. There are two main aspects of a paid search campaign, search ads and display ads. Search ads show up on a Google results page, usually at the top above the map and organic results while display ads tend to show up on other websites that are relevant to your industry and geography to try and capture potentially interested users.

Pay-Per-Click does include Facebook Ads. However, this is a separate entity within paid search itself which means that business can run both Google Ads and Facebook Ads concurrently in the same campaign. Facebook Ads are part of a larger division of paid search known as social media marketing.

Hiring a professional digital marketing company to handle your PPC is a good idea for several reasons.

1. They have the expertise necessary to execute a campaign at a high level and make necessary optimizations throughout the campaign’s life to maximize conversions.

2. It saves you time! You will be able to feel the effects of a successful paid search campaign and reap the benefits without needing to sacrifice much of your day to managing the campaign.

3. With in-depth reporting, you can see a monthly quick digest of how your campaign is performing that is specifically curated for your business.

Email Marketing

A good benchmark to start with is one email a month based on your industry. However, this number can change based on the aggressiveness of your campaign, the needs of your customer base, and what type of content you are providing.

Email marketing helps position your business within your customer’s minds. It helps you remain top of mind and encourages repeat business while driving additional traffic through to your website.

Email marketing still works because the importance of being able to provide timely, information updates to your customer base will always be a necessity.

Email marketing is, and remains, effective. The ability to directly send contacts information, offers, and other news about your industry is priceless. This is compounded by the fact that most people on your mailing list have opted-in to hearing from you.

Reputation Management

While our services generally focus on Google and Facebook, we are capable of working with, and driving reviews to, a large multitude of sites. This includes industry specific sites like Angie’s List, Houzz,& HomeAdvisor and directories like Yellow Pages.

We can! However, it is important to know that Yelp is a bit of an anomaly in the review generation business as they prefer to only have organic, non-solicited reviews on their site. This means that while you can ask people to review you on Yelp, if they feel you are soliciting reviews, they can negatively rank your business within their platform.

Online reviews are testimonials of previous customer’s experiences with a particular business’s goods or services. Essentially, they are glimpses into the expectation of what working with, or buying from, a business is like.

Online reviews are incredibly important, both for businesses and consumers. For businesses, reviews help impact their SEO, promote their services through happy customers, and serve as an opportunity to learn their strengths and weaknesses. For consumers, they provide a glimpse into how the business treats their customers and engages with them before, during, and after the transaction. Online reviews can serve as crucial tipping points during a consumer’s buying decision.

While some reviews are fraudulent, the vast majority are not! In fact, many review platforms have a verification process that reduces the amount of fraudulent reviews. Most of the time, reviews are real people telling their real stories about their experiences with a business.

Online reviews matter because they work around the clock. A potential customer may not always feel the urge to call a business and speak with them right off the bat. Reviews are an opportunity to help potential customers paint a mental image of your business before they engage with you.

Online review management is the process of actively partnering with businesses to help encourage more customers to leave reviews on selected review platforms. This often includes sending out review request campaigns, responding to reviews, and working to rectify any negative experiences a previous customer may have had.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing focuses on the utilization of ad platforms like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads to drive additional leads to your business on social media sites. On the other hand, social media management focuses on building and maintaining brand awareness through the creation of thoughtful, engaging posts and other content mediums. In short, social media marketing drives leads and social media management drives and builds brand awareness, equity, and engagement.

Social media marketing does work! In fact, when compared to traditional Pay-Per-Click services social media marketing typically boasts a lower cost-per-click and a higher number of impressions. This makes social media marketing a highly attractive option for businesses trying to grow and capitalize on their social media lead generation.

The best uses of social media marketing are: expanding brand reach, driving additional leads to the site, promoting sales & specials, and pushing e-commerce.

Yes, you can! Much like a Pay-Per-Click campaign, the conversions from social media marketing can be accurately and precisely tracked to help present a tangible ROI including in-depth analytics about campaign key performance indicators.

Many social media channels offer some sort of marketing or advertising on their platforms. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, and YouTube Advertising are some of the major platforms for advertising on.

Social Media Management

It really depends on the industry your business is in. Also, it is important to first determine who your target audience is for your business and what platforms are they most active and present. For example, if you are a B2B business you would want to be very active on LinkedIn, and if you are a B2C business you would want to be active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Yes and no. You do not want to post the exact same post, caption, and picture on the exact same time and day on all the same platforms. But you do want to keep your branding message clear and consistent on all social platforms.

You should post content that is relevant and can be of value to your followers. You need to post content that shows what your business does and who you are. If you are selling a product or services, post about the value of it or show your followers behind the scenes.

Social media management enables a business to make the most of its ability to interact directly with its consumer or client base. Not only does it allow you to build loyalty and keep in touch with those who follow your business, but it also allows you to gain a deeper insight into what your consumer base is looking for, and how you can make improvements in order to ensure that your business offers exactly that.

The best times to post on Facebook are in the early morning to late afternoon when your followers will have time in before and after work to explore the feed. The best time to post on Instagram is in the evening when followers will be done and winding down for the day. And the best time to post on LinkedIn is in the early morning to mid-afternoon when professionals will be actively connecting with businesses for work opportunities and more. It’s important to know when your followers are active on the social media platforms you’re using for your business.

TikTok is a video-sharing app where you make 15-second videos on any topic whether it’s lip syncing to a popular song on a Friday afternoon in the office or sharing helpful tips and using the text overlay feature. It is the newest popular social media platform with various users from all backgrounds and ages.

Not only is social media another way to provide customer service, but also it’s a chance to showcase your business’s portfolio. With a post, you can express the human side of your brand with who you are, what you do, and what you represent. People want to see more than your website; they want to see the culture of your business, what you’re doing outside the office in your community, and who your team is. Social media helps increase your brand’s credibility and exposure.

Make sure you’re using hashtags on the appropriate social media platforms because this helps increase the amount of exposure and accounts that will reach your post. This means more opportunities for new followers. Also make sure you’re spreading the word on your website, in your store, to clients, and friends. The more your biggest supporters share your content, which increases more people to see your brand and follow your pages.

With the knowledge and expertise of a Social Media Coordinator, they can help remove your stress of having to develop content and post consistently. A social media coordinator is there to research your brand and develop posts around your brand identity. Engaging with your target market, audience, and other brands that are similar or related to your brand is important but can be time consuming when you have other responsibilities. A Social Media Coordinator does that for you and provides detailed reports on your campaign.


We accept multiple forms of payment including credit card, debit card, check and ACH transfer from your banking account. Paid Search accounts, however, require payment by credit card, debit card or ACH transfer from your bank account. Authorization forms will be provided upon request.

If you need to update your payment information, please contact our Accounting Manager, Mandi Foster, at
707-843-3714 or [email protected].

If you have questions regarding your billing, please contact our Accounting Manager, Mandi Foster, at 707-843-3714 or [email protected]. You can also contact your Account Manager for more information.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about search engine optimization, website design, website maintenance, paid search advertising,email marketing, reputation management, social media management, social media marketing and billing.

Feel free to call us at 707-843-3714 with any questions you may have.

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