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Find answers to frequently asked questions about search engine optimization, paid search advertising,  social media management, website design, website maintenance & security, reputation management, and email marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization is the aggressive pursuit of first page rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, through strategic content marketing, keyword targeting, website optimization, and virtual popularity.

The average SEO campaign takes anywhere from 6 to 18 months (or longer) to begin fully realizing results. Campaign strategy, aggressiveness, and industry can also factor into this time.

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on many factors including the campaign’s size and aggressiveness. For the best idea of pricing, you should consult with a digital marketing specialist to discuss your goals.

SEO is a perfect fit for almost all businesses. Both for growth-minded businesses looking to increase its lead generation and overall web presence and for businesses looking to maintain its current online presence, first page rankings, and consistent lead generation.

If you are working with a marketing agency, it should be clear and easy to understand if your SEO is working through digestible, transparent reporting and check-ins.

Social Media Management

The best social media platform for your business to be active on is the one most frequently used by your target audience. This varies between industries.
Yes and no. You do not want to post the exact same post, caption, and picture on the exact same time and day on all the same platforms. But you do want to keep your branding message clear and consistent on all social platforms.
Not only is social media another way to provide customer service, but also it’s a chance to showcase your business’s portfolio. With a post, you can express the human side of your brand with who you are, what you do, and what you represent. People want to see more than your website; they want to see the culture of your business, what you’re doing outside the office in your community, and who your team is. Social media helps increase your brand’s credibility and exposure.
You should post content that is relevant and can be of value to your followers. You need to post content that shows what your business does and who you are. If you are selling a product or services, post about the value of it or show your followers behind the scenes.

Website Design

The cost of a website depends on the size, features, functionalities, and overall scope of the build. Each website is custom-priced for a business’s needs and goals.
The average website takes about 4 to 16 weeks from kick-off to completion and launch. This can vary based on the overall complexity of the website.
Once your website is built, it is yours. You own it and may make changes yourself if you choose to. However, we recommend leaving the maintenance and upkeep to our experts.
Yes, we have a team of writers who can work alongside our developers to curate and create meaningful content that carries the tone and purpose of your business.

Website Maintenance & Security

WSI offers three website maintenance packages that allow you to hand off the time-consuming task of website speed, security, and maintenance to our experts.
Website security is important because it is the sole way to protect your business’s online presence from hackers. Security not only involves virus protection, but ensuring the plug-ins of your site are free from vulnerabilities.
As a website ages, it slows down. Website maintenance ensures that new pages, content, and images are always optimized to keep your site fast so they don’t negatively impact your Google rankings.

Reputation Management

Online reviews are testimonials from customers and clients. They help future and present customers see how a business behaves and treats its customers.
We are able to work on all major review sites including Google and Facebook. We can also work with industry specific sites based on your business’s priorities.
We can! However, Yelp is a bit of an anomaly in the review generation space as they prefer to only have organic, non-solicited reviews on their site. While you can ask people to review you on Yelp, if they feel you are soliciting reviews, they can negatively rank your business within their platform.
Online review management involves partnering with businesses to improve their brand reputation and sentiment. This includes scheduling review campaigns, responding to reviews, and working to mitigate any negative reviews.

Email Marketing

It does. Email marketing still works because the importance of being able to provide timely, information updates to your customer base will always be a necessity.
Begin with one email each month. Then adjust this number based on your industry, customer needs, and type of content to find the ideal amount of mails to sen
Email marketing helps your business remain top of mind and encourages repeat business while driving additional traffic through to your website.

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