SEO on the Go

What is search engine optimization? How does SEO work? How do SEO and SEM differ? What is Google Local Services? How can you improve your conversion tracking? Those, and other questions, are answered in the videos below.
— Your host, Ryan Kelly, Founding & Managing Partner, and Sr. VP Marketing Strategies at WSI Smart Marketing



Speaker, Teacher, Mentor

Ryan Kelly is a principal and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategist for WSI Smart Marketing. Ryan has 13 years of highly successful sales and marketing experience in Internet solutions and sales. He has assisted countless companies in developing and achieving profitable business strategies and goals through advanced online digital marketing solutions.

Although he has a passion for Digital Marketing, he especially loves the speaking, teaching and mentoring aspect of his work. Ryan’s experience in marketing, sales, and training keep him in high demand as a speaker. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at Sonoma State University and has spoke at such venues as the WSI Global Conference in Montreal, QC and WS, Regional Conferences throughout the United States. Ryan also speaks at Small Business Development Centers, The North Bay Business Builders Association, Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Business Associations, Hispanic Chambers of Commerce’s, The California Association of Realtors, The Sonoma County Alliance and The Professional Marketing Group of the North Bay.
When Ryan is not working, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife Amanda, his ninja son Lincoln and his artistic daughter Abby. Ryan loves anything island related. That’s right—island music, anywhere with a body of water he can sit next to and swim in, any kind of island food and all things island culture.


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