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Episode 10

Find out what the difference is between SEO and SEM and how to use both for your website in this video.

Hey there, welcome back to SEO on the Go. I’m your host Ryan Kelly. Today, I’m going to be answering the question, “What is the difference between SEO and SEM? What is search engine optimization vs. search engine marketing?” Well, it’s actually not a very hard question to answer. So, SEO is of course the aggressive pursuit of first page rankings on Google and other major search engines, but that includes virtual popularity, meta tag optimization, webmaster tools set up, content marketing, and expansion. There’s so many things in there, but search engine marketing is taking all of those things within SEO and adding in other features like other paid marketing. Other things like Facebook look-alike display advertising, Facebook retargeting, Google pay-per-click, Google Display, Google retargeting, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook – all those things kind of go together when it comes to search engine marketing.

It’s essentially using paid methods beyond just organic search. So anyway, that is the difference between SEO and SEM. My name is Ryan Kelly, subscribe to my channel, like my video, and until
next time – hike safe, hang out with good kids, and enjoy kid camps. Alright take care!