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4 Billion Email Users Around the World

Did you know that half of the global population uses email? Email marketing is a dynamic digital marketing tool that is very popular and for good reason. It puts your brand in front of large numbers of people, creates high levels of engagement with customers, is cost-effective, and the results can be measured.


Increase Your ROI through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that businesses can use to make sure their profitability and return on investment increases. This form of digital marketing is the most effective way to strengthen your relationship with both current and prospective customers. It’s a great way to nurture leads and transform them into loyal customers.


We will show you the real benefits and potential that email marketing has to help grow your business.


Our email marketing process involves the development of a custom end-to-end strategy for your business needs.


Your logo, color scheme, and other branding will be incorporated into your emails to create a professional, appealing product.


We will make sure that your emails are well written, authentic, and engaging while optimizing your content for keyword usage.


Our email marketing campaigns can promote your business brand, raise your ROI, improve efficiency, and increase customer loyalty.


We monitor and report the results of your email marketing campaigns and assure you get more out of connecting with your customers.

Provide the Most Value to Your Business

By targeting your audience through email marketing, you can connect with them where they are engaged the most. This is an ideal opportunity to provide your customers with important up-to-date and relevant information about your service, product, or industry. Our email marketing campaigns focus on raising brand awareness, dispersing information, or giving away promotions and offers. Our digital marketing specialists will create a beautiful and custom email marketing campaign that guarantees results.

Make Each of Your Email Contacts Count

Let’s talk about your email marketing needs. We are happy to explain how the process works and how it can help you grow your business. CONTACT US or CALL 707-843-3714 TODAY for a free consultation.

Capture email permissions right from the start

Tougher regulations around data privacy have definitely impacted email marketing best practices. We can help ensure you are capturing proper opt-ins and maximizing your email database.

Keep emails relevant for each segment of your audience

If you’re sending one email blast out to every one of your customers, you’re probably not getting the results you want. Segment your database based on behavior, demographics, lead status, and purchase history in order to reach the right person at the right time.

Focus your email marketing on company goals

Every activity you perform in marketing should lead you toward reaching your goals. Generating new leads, converting sales, educating, or building relationships with customers. Know what you are trying to accomplish so that you can know if you are successful.

Choose an Email Marketing Package that Works for You


  • Set up email account & verify domain
  • Import contact lists
  • Create email templates & design
  • Onboarding meeting
  • One (1) email per month, up to 500 contacts
  • Upload & format client-provided content
  • Update contact list on a monthly basis
  • Review and fix bounces, unsubscribes, & suppressed emails
  • Conversion tracking (calls & forms)
  • Monthly reporting


  • Set up email account & verify domain
  • Import contact lists
  • Create email templates & design
  • Onboarding meeting
  • Two (2) emails per month, up to 1,000 contacts
  • Upload & format client-provided content
  • Update contact list on a monthly basis
  • Review and fix bounces, unsubscribes, & suppressed emails
  • Conversion tracking (calls & forms)
  • Monthly reporting

Did You Know?

If you wonder whether or not email marketing is worth it, check out these statistics below:


By 2021 it is expected that more than 319 billion emails will be sent each and every day


You can expect a high ROI for email marketing - for each $1 spent the average return is $38


61% of consumers would rather be contacted by brands through email


Email is 40 times more efficient than Facebook and Twitter in acquiring new customers

Email Marketing & More

Having a successful email marketing plan is just one element of your digital marketing strategy. Let us show you a complete digital marketing plan to help you grow your business.


Get More Leads and Sales

Acquire quality leads that deliver results
and lead to customer conversions.


Elevate Your Online Reputation

Build a positive, engaging reputation that
turns your customers into loyal fans.


Improve an Ineffective Website

Drive traffic to your website that yields
leads and sales for your business.


Explore Social Media Solutions

Create opportunities to keep your business
in the forefront when clients need your services.


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