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Episode 30

Have you wondered what happens when you stop doing SEO? Watch this episode to find out.

Hello and welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m your host and I’m going to be answering one of your questions today that can be asked two different ways: when can I stop doing SEO, and what happens when I stop doing search engine optimization?

So think of it like this, after you prepare the website you have all this monthly work that you’re doing like virtual popularity, domain authority, making sure that the speed of your website is fast, making sure that it’s ADA compliant, and making sure that you’re adding lots of content. There are all these things every month that you’re doing and you’re kind of making this ball and you’re slowly pushing this ball up a hill and as the ball goes up the hill it starts to gain momentum and get traction. Well, what ends up happening when you stop doing SEO is that the ball starts to slow down, and eventually it stops rolling, and then eventually it starts to roll backward. What that means is a lack of conversion.

So, your digital footprint is going backward, so you’re not being found in as many places online as maybe you once were or wanted to be. Your keyword placement is tanking, and there are all these signals that your SEO is no longer working. So there you go, that’s what happens when you stop doing SEO.

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