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Episode 23

Have you ever thought, “I don’t get leads online, why should I invest in marketing?” Watch to find out more.

Hey there and welcome back to SEO on the Go. My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m your host, always answering your questions in 90 seconds or less. So today I was asked the question, “I don’t get anything from the internet, why should I advertise on it?” and at first take, I’m like, “Is that really a question?” but it is a real question and it comes along with the same kinds of questions as “I don’t see the value in going to the gym, I’ve never lost 25 pounds there before or I’ve never shopped at Costco so I’ve never been able to experience the cost savings of buying in bulk (I clearly have kids).”

When people say to me “I’m not sure why I should advertise on the internet, I’ve never gotten leads from it and my business is doing fine,” the answer is always “Well, I never sold a $150,000 website from the yellow pages because I don’t advertise in the yellow pages.” So the idea is if you’re not leveraging internet marketing to create predictable lead generation, you’re actually missing out. So the question of “I’m not getting leads online, why should I advertise there if you’re advertising online and not getting leads?”, you’re probably using the wrong company or doing it yourself. If you’re not doing anything on the internet and you’re not getting any leads, now you know why. If you want to get predictable leads online, you need to use internet marketing.

So, my name is Ryan Kelly, I’m the host of SEO on the Go. Like my channel, subscribe, make a comment, ask a question. Until next time, drive safe!