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Episode 4

Ever wonder how to choose the right keyphrases for your marketing? Well, here ya go.

Hey there, and welcome back. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host of SEO on the Go. Today we’re going to talk about how to choose the right key phrases for your website and marketing.

So, choosing the right key phrase is really important to any kind of campaign. Let’s just dive right in. Let’s say that you’re a restaurant. That was weird. You’re not really a restaurant. Maybe you own a restaurant or are the manager of a restaurant. Well, you wouldn’t want to just try to optimize your website for the key phrase “restaurants.” You would want to be a bit more specific.

Restaurants near me – restaurants with happy hours in Sonoma County – best restaurants in Santa Rosa – best burgers in Santa Rosa – best breweries in Sonoma County—you want to be really specific.

There’s this thing that I call the “intent funnel.” At the top of the funnel is very low intent and it’s really broad. That kind of traffic to your website usually sucks; you get excited because you see traffic and then you wonder why you have crappy conversion. But when you get longer tail key phrases, more semantically searched key phrases, that’s kind of at the bottom of the intent funnel. Having said that, you might have less traffic but have higher conversion.

So that’s my tip of the day. Be specific; don’t be broad. If you’re a law firm that specializes in wills and trusts and estates, don’t just go for “law firms near me,” go for more specific phrases like “best will and trust attorney in Santa Rosa, California.” There’s your tip of the day.

Ryan Kelly from SEO on the Go. Like my video, subscribe to my channel and until next time, drive safe.