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Episode 36

Content marketing aims to attract and engage an audience. Learn how and where you can get started now.

Hey there and welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m your host. Today I’m going to be answering the question “How do we get started in content marketing?” If you don’t know what content marketing is, there’s a video of me in a canoe sometime back explaining it, check it out.

Now, search engines care a great deal about two things when you’re first trying to get a good foothold on content marketing. The first thing is predictability and rhythm, and the second thing I would call personalization or uniqueness. So predictability means that Google wants to look at the history of your writing and be able to say we suspect that this business or person is going to be writing about this topic and this often and coming out in this amount of time with around this many key phrases and things like that. Google looks at your historical content and gives you points based on the predictability of it, so you want to make sure that whether you’re writing 250 or 500 or 1,000 or 2, 000 words a month, make sure that you’re choosing a commitment level to be held accountable to. So if 500 seems like a lot, start with 250, right? If 1,000 seems like a lot, start with 500. But commit and be accountable and do it in rhythm.

Secondly is personalization. Don’t copy and paste. Make it unique. I know there are only so many ways that you can say something, so blogs do sound the same. Use your unique voice, use your unique culture, tell your story the way you tell your story, and talk about your services. That’s the solution. That will get you tons of points.

Predictability and personalization, as well as commitment and accountability to something that will work in your life. There is your tip and trick. My name is Ryan Kelly.  Please like the video, subscribe to the channel, and have a wonderful day.