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Episode 13

Ever wondered if those ads online that follow you around actually work? Watch this episode to find out.

Hey and welcome back to SEO on the Go! I’m Ryan Kelly, your host and today, I have a guest appearance by Ben Goldberg, owner of Simply Solar out of Petaluma, CA. Today, he’s going to ask me his question, “So Ryan, all those ads that follow me around on the Internet and social media through my different devices – do those things actually work?” Actually, they totally do in two cases. If it’s an emotional purchase, like it means a lot to somebody, or if it’s an expensive purchase, like it’s just going to cost a lot of money. So, think of it like this: Owner of Simply Solar, the company that put solar on my house. I didn’t just suddenly decide to spend tens of thousands of dollars and call the first person I found online. I went around, I researched, I looked at reputation, looked at the website, I Googled. And what ended up happening was I clicked on an ad and that ad began to follow me. As I was making my way through that justational buying experience – because it’s not a quick buy if it’s emotional or expensive, right – I was introduced to your brand over and over and over and over and I eventually called, got the estimate, and decided to move forward.

So, Google retargeting and Facebook retargeting, or also known as remarketing, does totally work. My name is Ryan Kelly, if you liked the video, click like. If you like my channel, subscribe. I have lots of social links down there too and until next time, I’m Ryan Kelly and this is Ben Goldberg… “Goldberg approved.” BOOM! SEO on the Go.