Episode 39

How do you know which conversions to focus on? Let's talk about how to be efficient and prioritize conversions.

Hey and welcome back to SEO on the Go. My name is Ryan Kelly and we’ve got a repeat guest, Cynthia Mordecai, WSI’s Smart Marketing’s Marketing Division Director is joining us to answer the question, “How do we prioritize conversions and what do we do with them?”

So, I’m going to ask you, Cynthia, what do we do to prioritize conversions? Where do we get started?

Yeah, so there are three things. First, I would start with making a list. What are your conversions for your business? That could be phone calls, downloads, maybe it’s a sign-up form, sales are a big one, or making an appointment. Sometimes, it’s just clicks or traffic to your website. I would start there.

Okay, so make a really robust list of every conversion that can happen for your business. So, we’ve got this nice master list, what do we do next?

Second, I would prioritize that list. Look at each one – what’s your most important one? Put a number one next to it, two, three, and go from there. Definitely prioritize that list.

Okay, I can tell you for our business, number one is sales, number two is phone calls because phone calls lead to sales and also lead to appointments that lead to sales, and number three is traffic. Traffic leads to phone calls, phone calls lead to sales. What are your top three conversions in your prioritized conversion funnel? Cynthia, we got the list, we got the priorities, now what?

Well, now we need to track them. So, set goals for each one and then track them. We need to measure them and you can use tracking tools such as Google Analytics. Figure out which ones work best for your business. If phone calls are really important for you, use a call tracking system like CallRail. Figure out which tracking mechanisms you’re going to be able to use you can track those and measure them and watch your success!

Nice! Using that data, you can learn a lot to make good decisions to make your business more money. So, if you like what you heard, subscribe to the channel, like the video, and/or comment with a question of your own. Until next time, Cynthia and Ryan, your hosts today’s of SEO on the Go.

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