Episode 16

When does it make sense for my business to start spending money on promoting reviews? Watch and learn.

Hey and welcome back to SEO on the Go, always on the go. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host. Today I’m going to answer the question, “When does it make sense for me as a business to spend money promoting my reviews?” Right, so there are lots of websites out there where there are tons of reviews and they solicit you and say, “We can make you come up at the top of the list for your business and your kind of industry-related search terms and show people who you are.” But the problem is if you only have five or ten reviews, and even if they’re five stars, that’s not enough credibility to get that user who’s typing in “restaurants near me” and they see that there’s this beautiful Italian food restaurant sponsored at the top saying check me out. You look at it and it says four-star reviews, seven reviews. Not enough credibility. So, the measurement should be: do you have between 20 or 30 four- to five-star average rating reviews? If you do, then it could very well be time for you to start spending money with some of those review sites to make sure that you’re coming up above everybody else. So, that’s kind of the measurement. If you don’t have good reviews, do not think that spending money on these review sites is going to suddenly help. It’s not. It will actually hurt. So, when you have 25 or 30 reviews and they’re good reviews and you have a good reputation, that’s enough credibility to get that user to make a decision to call you and make a reservation or a purchase or a buy. So, thanks for watching SEO on the Go. I’m your host, Ryan Kelly, and until next time – have a great day, bye!

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