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Episode 17

What is marketing lift? Was it Google, Facebook, or Yelp that worked?

Hey everybody and welcome back to SEO on the Go. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host, and today I’m going to be answering the question, “What is marketing lift right?” So, marketing lift is defined by something like this: so, my wife says to me, “Hey Ryan our furnace stopped working. What’s going on with our furnace? Get it fixed.” So, I go on Google and I type in “furnace repair near me” and sure enough I find three different companies. And then I go on Facebook and I crowdsource and I’m like, “Hey everybody, who do you suggest for furnace repair in Sonoma County?” And I get back a whole bunch of people that say different things. And then I’m driving down the highway, and I hear somebody’s radio ad, and then I see somebody’s billboard. And then I finally go on Yelp and I’m like okay, I looked at these three companies and this is the one that has the best reputation and I call them. Well, was it Yelp that did it? Was it the billboard, the radio? Was it their website? Was it their SEO? Was it Facebook and crowdsourcing? It’s all of those things, kind of working together that create that marketing lift, to make that final decision. So that’s what marketing lift is. It’s the diversity and understanding of all of your different medias and channels working together.

So I’m Ryan Kelly, your host from SEO on the Go. Subscribe, like, and I’ll catch you next time.