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Episode 3

How do the pros do keyword research? It can’t be that hard.

Hey there, welcome back to SEO on the Go! I’m Ryan Kelly, your host, and today I’m answering the question about keyword research. How do we do quality keyword research? Because it’s paramount to any SEO campaign, SEM campaign, content marketing campaign, print campaign and more. You really have to know how your users are trying to find you and what they’re Interested in talking about. So the first thing we do is go to SEM Rush. It’s a software that helps us identify broad keyword research. We can also look at where a website is already coming up, help identify low hanging fruit — like having a top of a second page listing and with a little bit of work, we can bump you down onto the first page, which is where we want to be. We can spy on competitors and look at where they’re coming up. All that kind of stuff.

Then we go to Google Trends and we do keyword research in Google Trends. Then we look for corresponding trends between SEM Rush phrases and Google Trend phrases. The third thing we do is go to Google predictive search. Try typing “PLUMB” in a Google search bar and you’re going to get a bunch of predictive searches that come down. That’s Google’s way of saying these are the most popular searches for that kind of search.

I’m going to teach you in the next video how to pick the right keywords. But that’s how we do the search. So till the next time, like my video, subscribe to my channel, pray I don’t get in a car accident and check out our social links. Ryan Kelly, your host of SEO always on the Go!