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Episode 15

Now that your business is getting reviews, is it going to help your SEO? The answer is yes and no.

Hey, thanks for watching SEO on the Go. I’m your host, Ryan Kelly, and today I’m going to answer the question, “Do reviews help my SEO and my organic rankings?” The answer is yes and no. In Google, there’s that Google 3-pack where there’s the map and then the three listings. If you’re soliciting and getting good Google reviews, then yes that will influence where you do come up in Google for Google reviews and the Google map and 3-pack. But nowhere else organically so that’s the no part. Yes, it does help with Google’s 3-pack and the map, but no anywhere else. So really, I see the benefit of reviews as it’s a conversion characteristic. How do I make my SEO, my organic traffic, do more when I draw people to my site? Well, reviews are a big part of conversion. How do I get more phone calls? How do I get more emails, form submissions, purchases, online buys, downloads, whatever. The answer is: let’s say that I hired a company called, Holman Plumbing, out of Santa Rosa, CA. I needed an emergency service done for plumbing and when I left a great review that said “Holman Plumbing did a great job with my emergency. I’d hire them any day.” Well, when someone goes in and types in emergency plumbers near me and Holman Plumbing comes up on the top of Google and they click on that page, it lands on the emergency plumbing page, there’s a review right there on that page saying that they kill it with emergency plumbing. You’ve influenced my decision and built credibility and I’m more likely to make a phone call. So, reviews don’t necessarily help your SEO organically, but they do increase your conversion and make your organic traffic, your SEO, do more. So anyway, like my video, subscribe to my channel, check out the links below, and until next time, I’m Ryan Kelly from SEO on the Go. Have a great day!