Episode 12

Did you know each social media needs a different voice? Our 3 guests explain what they are.

Hey everybody and welcome back to SEO on the Go. I’m Ryan Kelly and I have three guests on the show: Raakkel, Destinee, and Cynthia. Everybody say hello. “HEYYYY!” Today, we’re going to talk about the different voices that you should have when it comes to social media because gone are the days that you write a nice post on Facebook and then just copy and paste it everywhere else. So, I’m going to ask my three friends, Raakkel from PromoRepublic, our Social Media Scheduling and Management Partner, along with Destinee, who is our Social Media Coordinator, and Cynthia, who’s our Senior Account Manager, to take on the voice of a different media.

So, I’m going to say Cynthia. I’m going to post on LinkedIn. What kind of voice should I have?

LinkedIn: Well, Ryan. You should be very professional because this it’s a professional setting. So, I would say you can be professional and not silly. Like that haha

Right. So almost like a job resume. Yeah, pretty much. If I was like hey Destinee, I want to post on Instagram. Should I use tons of words? What would you say?

Instagram: No! The less words the better. Let’s engage. Let’s do polls on Instagram stories. Let’s use emojis. Let’s ask questions. Let’s use hash tags. It’s a party on Instagram!

And if I was like Raakkel, I want to post on Facebook. Should I use a very “business-y” LinkedIn voice. Should I post a bunch of fun pictures like Instagram? How is Facebook different?

Facebook: Well, Facebook is kind of a combination of both. You can be really fun and exciting, but also collaborate with your – BUMP! Yeah, big bump – friends. It’s more like you’re just having a conversation, like we are now.

Yeah, totally. So, I guess my point to this video is using different voices on different medias leads to better conversions. Thank you team. My name is Ryan Kelly, I’m your host of SEO on the Go. Until next time, tune in, like my videos, subscribe to my channel, and thank you for watching!

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