Episode 31

Conversions are valuable online marketing tools. Watch this episode to find out why.

Hey there and welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m your host today I’m going to be answering the question: what is a conversion? That’s because in my next video I’ll be talking about how to use conversion tracking.

So, what is a conversion? We have all these different kinds of data that we look at, right? We look at Google Analytics, and we look at how long people are on pages, what they’re looking at, how they’re moving from page to page. We look at the mobile responsive behavior of folks. There’s a lot of data that you pour through and you’re able to learn a lot from what’s happening on your website.

But what’s happening on your website isn’t always a conversion. Somebody looking at a contact us page is a behavior but somebody filling out a contact us form is a conversion. So you have to identify what your conversion goals are, maybe you want to track phone calls or maybe you want to track purchases online through your eCommerce website. Maybe you need to track how many appointments are being or made how many documents are being downloaded or how many chats are being started. You know, conversions aren’t just online. Maybe it’s billboards, TV, and radio.

So you have to identify what are your high intent conversions and how are you going to track them.  And if you’re wondering why that matters, check into the next video. So if you like the content in this video, please click like, if you want to subscribe, totally subscribe. Otherwise, my name is Ryan Kelly, I’m your host of SEO on the go and I’ll see you next time. Be safe.

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