Episode 7

Is adding new content & blogs important for my site? Why does Google care?

Hey and welcome back to SEO on the Go. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host – wait don’t go!

I have for the first time ever, a guest on the show, Eric Cook, who owns a sister WSI franchise in Michigan. Why do I have a guest on the show? Here’s why. I was recently asked is it still important to
write blogs? Is it still important to generate content? Essentially, what is content marketing?

So, let’s say that Eric has a heating and air conditioning company and so do I. Let’s say that we both have a 10-page website. Every two weeks or so, Eric’s writing a press release, a blog, a piece of content, or a new page about a product or service. Well, at the end of the year, his 10-page site just turned to 34 pages. And mine is still 10 pages deep. Google looks at Eric’s site and says, “Well he has three times the content than Ryan’s HVAC company. He gets tons of points because of the amount of content. Now beyond that, he’s updating his website every two weeks.” That means that my website content is a year old and his is never more than two weeks, so he gets a ton of relevant points from Google.

Essentially that’s a really easy quick breakdown of – there’s a rock coming! Phew, okay! – of what is content marketing. Having said that if you like my channel, please subscribe to it, like my videos and check out my social links. And until next time, I’m Ryan Kelly, your host of SEO on the Go!

“Hey, you want to put that camera down and start paddling a little bit buddy?” – Guest, Eric Cook (insert laughing emoji here)

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