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Episode 6

What kind of SEO reports should I expect from a digital marketing agency?

Hey and welcome back! Ryan Kelly here from SEO on the Go. Don’t go away! So today I’m going to actually talk about the kind of reporting you should be getting or generating if you’re doing your own SEO or if you hire an SEO agency like ours.

So, there’s three – the first one is Google Analytics. You’re going to want to go in and set up goals. If you’re selling products online, set up your checkout pages as goals. I would go into acquisition, which is on the left side of the computer screen and I would look at your organic traffic for the last 30 days vs. the previous 30 days, maybe the same 30 days vs. the same 30 days a year ago, or maybe the last 12 months vs. the previous 12 months. You want to look at that and keep track of the movement of your organic traffic.

Secondly, I would set up keyword tracking because you’ve come up with these combinations of key phrases and keywords that you really want to be ranking for, so it makes sense that you’re going to want to track those and see, “Our we moving the right direction?” or “Are we increasing in our rankings” or “Are we moving up to the first page of Google?”. We use SEM Rush.

The third one is call tracking. If you’re the kind of service to service, call tracking is huge and you want to know where those calls are coming from. We use CallRail and that helps us understand whether calls are coming in from Google, from Yelp, from Facebook, from referral sites – all that kind of stuff.

There’s your three reporting softwares that we use. Subscribe to my channel, like my videos, and until next time – I’m Ryan Kelly, your host of SEO on the Go!