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Episode 2

What in the world is SEO anyway? We’ve made it easy for you.

Hello and welcome back to SEO on the Go!. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host. Thanks for being here. So today, in 90 seconds or so, I’m going to answer the questions — what is search engine optimization? Also known as SEO. I would define it as, “actively pursuing first-page rankings on major search engines.” Boom, mic drop. Literally, that’s it. How do we get to the top of the search engines? Ones like Google, Yahoo, Bing, the big ones. And some of the small ones.

So let’s say you’re a restaurant and you want to come up when somebody types in “restaurant near me.” Okay, well, you’re not an actual restaurant. Maybe you own or run a restaurant. Anyway, so you want to come up when someone types in “restaurants near me.” When that search engine results page pops up, that’s a SERP. If you read about SERPs online, it’s an acronym: Search Engine Result Page. When you look at the top of a search results page, you’re usually going to see like two or three sponsored ads that are paid for. Then you’ve got the map with the three listings. Sometimes there’s four listings, but they still call it the Google Three Pack. And then all the organic listings below that. Okay, that’s where you want to be found. I mean really you want to be found everywhere. But there’s a lot of methodologies, strategies, tactics and things that we do to prove that it works and to show that it works. I’m going to talk about those in my next series of videos. So, like my video. Subscribe to my channel. Feel free to send me a question on my website. I’ve got some social links there too. Until next time, I’m Ryan Kelly, your host of SEO on the Go.