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Episode 18

What are hashtags? When and where do I use them? Hashtags explained here.

Hey, welcome back to SEO on the Go! I’m Ryan Kelly, we’re coming to you live from Social Media World 2020 in San Diego, California and Cory Foster recently asked me, as a response to a video that we posted, “What are hashtags?” So, I thought who better to have on here than Destinee Hayden, our Social Media Division Coordinator. And he asked, “What are hashtags, what do they do, how do they work?”

So, hashtags are what you see on social media on tweets, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, and basically, they put certain themes, words into categories. And those can be found online so they can search using that hashtag or say, for example, home design. If someone’s looking for anything related to home design and you use that hashtag, you come up in a whole pool of all this content on home design. And where would you put that hashtag in? Like a Google search bar? Like in a LinkedIn search bar? A Facebook search bar? Where would you use it? So, Facebook, no hashtags just make that clear. Twitter you can use 2 to 3 hashtags within your actual tweet or you can search that like in the Twitter search bar. LinkedIn 2 to 3 at the end of your caption and people can also follow those hashtags. And it’s the same thing on Instagram. You can do up to 30 hashtags just on Instagram and people can follow those hashtags or search for them in the search bar as well.

Nice! So, you can hashtag after your comments and things like that which categorizes them, and then we can go in and search for anything related to maybe what you categorized your information. So, Destinee thanks for joining. Thanks for having me. And if you liked the video, like the video, subscribe to our channel and check us out!