Embrace Digital. Stay Human.

Episode 22

Here are marketing tips on how to effectively reach clients and prospects with more than just SEO and Ads!

Hey everybody and welcome back to SEO on the Go. I’m your host, Ryan Kelly, and today I’m going to be providing you with a couple tips and tricks on how to talk to your clients in real-time. So, as business owners, and marketing directors, and decision-makers, we oftentimes are very good at deciding that we’re going to take out a billboard, ad, or work on our website, or get a tv spot, or a radio ad. But what we may not realize, is that you know, none of those kinds of things actually communicate with our clients in a quick manner. So, here’s a couple of tips and tricks on how to create a closer communication in real-time with your prospects and clients.

So, number one, if you’re not using social media in a well-thought-out process and in a meaningful way uh you’re missing out because talk about real-time communication. What about email marketing? Are you using email marketing on a regular basis and with strategy to communicate and nurture your client relationships and your leads? And are you using video in a meaningful way and with process to create conversation with your clients? So, when it comes to ways that you can create a more digestible and faster response time communicating with your clients, I highly recommend social media, video, and email marketing.

So, anyway, my name is Ryan Kelly. I’m your host of SEO on the Go. Please like my channel, subscribe to my content, and I will see you next time on SEO on the Go.