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Episode 19

Is there a difference between Search Engine Optimization and Voice Search Optimization?

Okay, welcome back to SEO on the go, Ryan Kelly, your host actually at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego still. Listen, I was recently asked, “What’s the difference between search engine optimization and voice search optimization and why does it matter?”

Well, we are becoming an internet of things which means if you have a Google home, an Alexa, a phone that listens to you, and if you own a business or are a marketing director or something you should think to yourself, “How do I make sure that when people are voice searching for me our website is coming up at the top of Google?” Good news, it’s actually not that different than traditional search engine optimization, but it really comes down to a lot of content writing. When somebody searches on a desktop, they would type something like “plumbers Sonoma County”. When somebody searches with their voice, they might say “emergency plumbers that specialize in toilets in Sonoma County”. So, they might when you search with your voice say it in more of a sentence or like in a conversational way versus a fragmented way online on a desktop. So just change the way that you’re writing your content and when you’re writing your headlines, when you’re writing your title tags for SEO, when you’re writing your description tags, don’t write it like “plumber hard break Santa Rosa” like write it out like a human would audibly ask for it.

So, there’s your biggest tip of the day, again Ryan Kelly. If you liked the video, like and subscribe. Check us out online and until next time be safe on the go.