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Episode 33

Learn about the common website conversion killers that you should look for during your next website audit.

Hey and welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m going to be answering your question: “what are really common website conversion killers?” In my previous two videos, I talked about conversions, what are they, and how do you track them. If you haven’t gone through those, watch those first.

Now, what are really common conversion killers to a website? So whether you’re building a brand new website and you’re trying to avoid these things or whether you have a current website that you’re trying to uplift and fix all of these things in the website, conversion killers are exactly what they sound like. They’re terrible! So I’m going to list off a bunch of them for you real quick and you can think about them at your leisure.

What about things like an outdated design? You know if people see that the design of your website is outdated, they assume that your solutions, your product, your conversations, your infrastructure, and your processes are also all outdated. What about if your website loads slowly? What if your calls to actions are camouflaged in colors that are regularly represented throughout your website and they don’t stand out? What if you have a pop-up window when someone comes to your homepage? What if you have a really boring and long form for them to fill out or some sort of forced account creation? What if somebody is in their checkout and you surprise them with a shipping and handling cost, or even worse, a complicated checkout process? There are a lot of things that can kill the conversion to a website and the more you understand how to bridge the gap with somebody coming to your site and digesting your information and matching their intent, the better you’re gonna find they’ll become clients and customers. Okay? So conversion killers need to go.

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