Episode 11

Don't try to cheat Google! In this episode, you'll learn about white hat vs. black hat SEO.

Hey and welcome to SEO on the Go. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host, and today, for the second time ever, we have a guest on the show, Cynthia Barillas, my Senior Account Manager from WSI Smart Marketing. Today, we’re going to talk about white hat SEO vs. black hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO: So, one of the things that I like to do for my SEO is just copy a bunch of content and put it on my website because I don’t want to write it.

White Hat SEO: Oh, that’s so fun and so easy but such a TERRIBLE idea! Because if you copy other people’s content and just changed a few words here and there, Google actually knows where the authorship is and they’re going to penalize you and be like, “You didn’t write that content – someone else did. So, not only are you not going to get the SEO juice you were hoping for, but we’re going to negatively rank.”

Black Hat SEO: Well, I want to be found for phrases so I guess I could just stuff them in my metadata, in my content…

White Hat SEO: So, when you write the title tag and description tag, you don’t want to keyword stuff. You want to write semantically for humans because you want them to actually click it and not think like you wrote like a kindergartner. But secondly, if you stuff keywords into your content, Google’s going to notice that you’re stuffing keywords in your content and they will actually negatively rank you. Even more than that, if you think I’m going to be slick and make my font red in the red background so that no one can see and add a bunch of geographies, Google’s like, “I don’t care about your red content on your red background, we can still read it. Your negatively ranked.”

So, this is the importance of understanding why you have to have white hat content, white hat meta data, white hat SEO over black hat. If you cheat the system, they’re going to catch you, that’s what they do. So, if you like this video – like this video, subscribe to our channel, check out our links, and until next time I’m Ryan and this is Cynthia, and we’re your host today of SEO on the Go.

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