Episode 29

Watch this episode to find out why surveying your customers is much more valuable than you might realize.

Hey everybody and welcome back to SEO on the Go! My name is Ryan Kelly and I am honored to have with me Joshua Banks, who is a Senior Account Manager for WSI Smart Marketing and created the product line for NPS surveys, and without getting into the details, I would love Joshua to answer your question: why are surveys important, and maybe how often should I do them?

Of course Ryan. Well first off, your surveys are important because it’s a  really good idea to get an indicator for business growth and figure out if what you’re doing is working already and if clients love it. Or if there’s some stuff that you think is working really well,  but isn’t because the clients are perhaps having a little bit of friction with it, it’s just a great idea to determine what’s working and what isn’t.  You can get that type of information through questions like, how do you know what type of services are we providing for you? Are you happy with those services? Who are you interacting with on your team? How is their communication, their timeliness, their professionalism? What would you rate them overall? How likely are you to recommend us to one of your friends? You know, are we doing such a great job that you want to refer us out because that means a lot.

All those and more are different questions that you can ask. A good idea of when to kind of aim for as a time frame if you’re just starting out one to two times a year but realistically you can get anywhere up to three times a year or depending on your product or service you could get up to maybe every single touchpoint following up with the client. How is your experience? How did we do for you? So really Ryan, that’s kind of the basis, the foundation of why people should be surveying their clients and customers more frequently.

Yeah, I think that the number one reason that people don’t survey their clients is the fear of what they might say, the fear of dissatisfaction, the fear they might tell you to work harder, the fear they might tell you you’re not providing the right product, but I would challenge you that those are actually, all the answers that you’re looking to hear because those answers are an opportunity for you to have a better business.

So my name is Ryan Kelly. Thank you, Joshua. Thanks for joining, thanks for having me. Like the video, subscribe to the channel, and until next time, I’m Ryan  Kelly, always answering your questions on the go.

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