3 Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2021

April 12, 2021 | 2 minutes to read
3 Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2021

Your online reputation can make or break your business. It affects every aspect of your business’s online presence as it is known to impact your search rankings and your overall searchability. A good reputation can be connected to lower marketing costs, more business opportunities, and higher quality leads.

Most businesses understand the importance of building and maintaining their online reputation. If done correctly, reputation management is worth the effort.

An effective online reputation management program will affect how your company is perceived. Many businesses in Santa Rosa hire online review management companies to manage their online reputation. These companies help gather reviews with positive information about their clients to increase sentiment, while helping mitigate negative sentiment.

Online review management trends keep changing and a practice that is relevant today may fall out of favor tomorrow.

Here are the latest reputation management trends that every business should take note of.

Some Visitors Will Give Businesses a Hard time

A motivated online troll hell-bent on damaging a business’s reputation is the business’s worst nightmare. There are several reasons why people troll a business. They could be an ex-employee who wants to get revenge from their former employer or a competitor looking to damage the company’s reputation to get ahead in the market.

There is one major difference between an unhappy customer and a troll. An unhappy customer will likely listen to you when you approach them with a solution, whereas an online troll isn’t looking for a solution. They are just looking to damage your reputation and online review score. Many small business owners struggle to shield their businesses from online trolls.

Luckily, on some platforms, unnecessary harassment in the form of fake negative reviews violate the company’s terms of service and are subject to removal.

The Popularity of Video Testimonials Will Continue to Grow

There are several compelling reasons to use video. Video content is more engaging than text and images. It boosts conversion rates, builds trust, and develops credibility. The popularity of video testimonials, and video at large, will only continue to grow in impact this year.

You can use 3D videos, data-driven videos, and personalized videos to answer questions and address concerns your current and potential buyers may have. Use video testimonials to change consumer perception of your brand by adding a human element to your reputation.

Empathy is Still Alive

Now more than ever, empathy is needed in communication. Reputation management has always been about showing empathy to customers and hearing them out when things go wrong. Show your customers you care and are willing to put yourself into their shoes. Respond to negative feedback in a timely manner while thanking individuals for their time when they leave a positive review.

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