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WSI Case Study

Acupuncture Mama

The Challenge

Acupuncture Mama came to us looking for online lead generation, growth in its online visibility and 1st-page Google rankings, and a modern, conversion-based website.

The Solution

In over 5 years of partnership with Acupuncture Mama, we’ve generated predictable lead generation, over 250 keyphrases on search engine results pages, and an estimated 250% increase in organic traffic to the website. We developed a local SEO campaign, expanded our marketing efforts over time, and designed a modern, conversion-based website with the latest technologies.

The Results

250%+ increase

Google Rankings
250+ Rankings

Phone Calls & Conversions
50+ per month

“WSI and more specifically Ryan Kelly have been instrumental in my company’s growth and development. They created a beautiful website for my business and have been doing SEO on my site for the last year. I can’t say that I completely understand all that they do but what I can say is that it works!  My phone is ringing a lot more frequently and people are reporting that they found me through a Google search. The field I’m in is fairly saturated in my area but I’m now appearing on the first page of Google…I used to be buried on the 7th page. Thank you WSI for contributing to my success!”

-Annette R.

Why WSI?

We work with many health and wellness businesses including the following companies: acupuncturists, chiropractors, family doctors, therapists, counseling services, and more. We have the experience and proven performance of winning digital marketing campaigns to generate profitable and predictable leads for businesses in the health and wellness industry. While we know the formula that works for this industry, each business is unique and requires a different approach based on goals and objectives. Call us today for a complimentary consultation at 707-843-3714.