Google Advises Against Using Nofollow Links When Migrating Sites

September 07, 2020 | 2 minutes to read

Google recommends that developers do not use no-follow links when migrating sites. Google’s team of webmaster trends analysts discussed the nitty-gritty of no follow links in the first episode of the search engine giant’s new podcast. The team comprises Gary Illyes, John Mueller, and Martin Splitt. The team discussed topics related to search and shared information concerning upcoming projects.

In the first episode of the podcast series, Search off the Record, the team discussed the one situation in which using nofollow links can do more harm than good. Illyes started the conversation by discussing changes to nofollow links that Google is planning to roll out in the near future.

Changes are Coming to Nofollow Links, Is Your Website Ready?

Website owners and SEO experts are waiting for the announcement of changes to nofollow links with bated breath. Google has already made its intentions clear and online marketing companies in Santa Rosa are ready to jump into action. In 2019, the search engine giant announced its plans to treat the nofollow attribute as a hint and not a directive.

Google was expected to implement the change by March this year, but it seems that they’re running a bit behind schedule. There is nothing new to discuss about the nofollow attribute being used as a hint. Illyes discussed several other proposed changes to nofollow links. He also advised when nofollow is not the best option.

Do not use Nofollow When Migrating Sites

Illyes wants developers to stop using nofollow links when migrating sites from one domain to another. He said that when linking from an old site to a new site, site owners should focus on ensuring that Google is able to follow those links. Google is working on changes to address the problem. For now, The best solution is to use traditional links.

Some Upcoming Changes to the Nofollow Attribute

Illyes shared some information about proposed changes to the nofollow attribute. He said that Google is trying to find a way to use the nofollow attribute for discovering malicious sites. He did not reveal much as these changes might not happen, but he confirmed that Google is testing them. Currently, Illyes is involved in three projects to determine whether nofollow can be used to find malicious sites. The team also discussed the new Core Web Vitals and the challenges of working from home during the podcast.

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