We’re Here to Help Your Business Survive & Thrive

October 06, 2020 | 3 minutes to read
We’re Here to Help Your Business Survive & Thrive

In times of crises, it is important to take stock of what kinds of tools and resources your business has at its disposal to mitigate threats. Many small business owners worry about the future of their businesses during crises. However, events that affect day-to-day life on a global level are rare and, importantly, temporary. Humanity has faced and overcome many challenges over time. As a responsible business owner, you cannot let anxiety and irrational thought take over. Be sure to stay calm. This way you are able to make better business decisions.


Some businesses consider downsizing their digital marketing budgets during emergencies. If you too are thinking on these lines, remember that great SEO rankings do not happen overnight. Your website’s ability to rank high vastly depends on the continuous optimization of your website and content.

The fact that many business owners trying to downsize or halt their digital marketing expenditures during a crisis is a good example of why keeping up with your digital marketing is important. As competitors slip from non-continuous optimization, you stand to move up the ranks and inherit the more favorable rankings.

Here Are Some Reasons to Why You Should Not Stop SEO Even During This Difficult Time:

  • Remember, people still need goods and services. A well-designed and flawlessly executed SEO plan can generate quality leads, helping you sell even during difficult times.
  • SEO success is both measurable and yields a definitive return on investment, making it easy to track.
  • The crisis will end one day. When that day comes and things begin to get back to normal, your business will have a competitive edge.

Digital Marketing Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

Update Your Google My Business Page

Updating your Google My Business Page is more important now than ever. Your target audience has restricted physical access to your business so you need to provide them all important business-related information online through channels like your Google My Business and social media pages.

Update your business hours and description. Brief your clients about the precautions you are taking. Create a post that provides detailed information such as whether your employees are working from home and if they will be available to take calls.

Send an Email to Your Customers

Lack of information leads to mistrust. If you are unable to provide a particular service, send an email to customers explaining your situation and apologizing for the inconvenience caused. Being proactive in communicating with your customers shows that your business cares and helps build consumer confidence in your business.

Create Authentic & Positive Content 

Instead of sharing articles and posts that paint a grim picture of the future, create positive posts that uplift your readers’ spirits. Help your target audience escape the cycle of boredom by using video content such as webinars, how to, and behind the scenes videos. Come up with content ideas to create virtual experience and create videos that show how your employees are working from home.

At WSI Smart Marketing, we urge you to stay strong. We are committed to supporting businesses during testing times. Irrespective of your industry, we are your go-to digital marketing team. As one of the leading website marketing companies in Sonoma County, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their digital marketing goals. Call us at (707)843-3714 for more information.

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