How to Respond to a Bad Online Review

September 27, 2022 | 2 minutes to read
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Google and Yelp reviews help you and your potential clients understand how your business is perceived. Responding to online reviews is a great way for your business to build loyalty and credibility with new and existing clients. So, knowing how to respond to bad reviews is a central aspect of managing the online presence of your business.  We’ve created this guide for you on how to respond to bad online reviews in an effective manner.

Respond in a Timely Manner

The best time to respond to a review is when you receive it. When you respond to a review, remember that you’re responding to a customer. When a bad review is written, it is imperative that your response is handled with grace through both your words and actions. 

Keep it Professional

Your response is public, so what you say matters. Being respectful in your response is just as important as the spelling and grammar used. 

Understand the Client’s Experience 

Speak internally to understand what went wrong. This is the best way to prepare for responding to a review and understand what may need to change internally to avoid the same sort of issue occurring. 

Be Authentic and Genuine

Personalizing the response is important. Address the reviewer specifically along with their issue. Address all reviews as though they are real, but be truthful if there are hints of the review being fake. 

Take it Offline

Having a one-on-one conversation with the client is the best way to resolve any issues. The goal is to meet the needs of your clients in a way that continues to represent your company. Communicate through convenient channels by taking the conversation to email, phone, or an in-person meeting.

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