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How Video Can Be Utilized to Bring Value to a Business

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling away on social media and something catches your eye then the next thing you know it’s been 47 minutes when you told yourself ‘just 1 video’.

When it comes to having content that maximizes engagement, video is the way to go. It touts higher engagement, shareability, and exposure when compared to traditional content styles like text or image. Video continues to hail a changing of the times as it becomes more and more effective with target audiences regardless of the business or industry. In fact, for most industries there are ways video can be integrated into a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Read on learn more about ways that online marketing companies in Sonoma County suggest integrating video into your business’s digital strategy.

Social Media Implications

When it comes to video, most people first think of social media usually YouTube or Facebook. The reason that video is so prominent on these platforms is that it makes content very easy to consume and digest. Looking at statistical trends on social media, video is the clear-cut winner when it comes to top shared pieces of content.

Video is more efficient and effective than text or static images when it comes to augmenting a social media campaign. Adding video into a pre-existing social media campaign can take it to the next level by generating increased reach and engagement. It’s important to keep variety and platform tone in consideration when devising a strategy for social media.

Business Utilizations

A lot of businesses see the social media impact and value of video in terms of entertainment, but a lot of them do not consider the practical business implications of utilizing video. Video can be used for much more than just entertainment and can instead be used to help simplify difficult information, increase a business’s human element, or help end product users.

Seeing the value in using video to enhance your business’s operations, user experience, and brand credibility are key in determining how to most effectively incorporate video into a business’s strategy.

Showcase Expertise

Video enables your business to showcase your industry expertise through several video styles: How To, Tutorial, and Explanation. Our VP of Sales & Marketing, Ryan Kelly, does this through a web series he calls “SEO on the Go”.

It is up to individual businesses to determine the style of video that would best suit their audience and demographic.

How To: How To videos focus on guiding an end user or customer through a process. Usually in a step-by-step manner to ensure that they are able to complete their task. This style of video works best for businesses who sell complex or confusing goods and services and wish to use these videos to help ease potential customer frustrations or grievances.

Expertise: Expertise videos let your business showcase your experience and industry knowledge by creating informative videos where a team member breaks down a step or process related to their industry. This style of video is helpful in making potential customers convert to actual customers by aiding them in their decision making process.

Culture/Behind the Scenes

Showcasing your business behind the scenes is incredibly helpful when it comes to establishing real connections between your customers and the people working in your company. It helps customers and employees both view each other as people and not just an account or a supplier. Aside from being more engaging, video helps retain the human element to a business’s interactions with its customers.

Your business’s customers are, more often than not, interested in seeing the people who make your business great. Every action your business takes does not need to be about increasing leads or sales.

Conclusion, video is important and you should use it

It’s easy to see that video adds an immense amount of value to any company’s digital marketing efforts. Aside from being more engaging than solely text or image posts, video provides many outlets for your business to get a leg up on your competition. By leaning into a digital marketing strategy that incorporates video, businesses can establish stronger connections with their audience and provide greater value.

Considering bringing video into your digital strategy but unsure of where to start? WSI Smart Marketing is an award-winning online marketing company in Sonoma County. Our team has the know-how, expertise, and motivation to help bring your marketing dreams into reality. To speak with a member of our team, please call us at (707) 843-3714.


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