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Leverage Email Marketing for Business Growth

A continuous question we have been hearing from our clients is when we are going to begin offering an email marketing solution. From the moment our first client asked, we have been working on developing an email marketing solution to fit our client’s needs. You have been asking and we have been listening. We are excited to announce that this solution is finally ready!


Email marketing is one of the most time-tested methods of digital marketing. It continually shows high levels of customer engagement and clicks leading to a high conversion rate. When done in an intelligent, strategic manner email marketing can be leveraged for a wide array of benefits that can compound with current digital marketing efforts to amplify overall growth in digital presence. Here are some of the many benefits of email marketing according an email marketing company in Sonoma County.

Send Real-Time Information to Your Contacts

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your existing customer base. However, making sure that those receiving your communications are interested in the content that your business is providing is a must. Ensuring that the people on your mailing list want to be there is a key step towards reaping the rewards of email marketing.

A business can also leverage email marketing to bring their entire customer base up to date on current happenings with a singular message. Additionally, through reporting practices a business can identify its most loyal customers by tracking engagement, open rates, and click rates on its emails.

Massive Potential Reach

Email marketing has the potential to reach out to a vast majority of the customers that you have already done business with. It enables you to keep them engaged with your brand post-purchase and can increase the chance of repeat business. Additionally, potential customers may find the information that you are presenting in other parts of your digital marketing strategy, like SEO and Social Media, relevant to their interests. In this case, they may decide to subscribe to your mailing list and your communications are now helping them make their decision. However, when it comes to acquiring new consumers, cold email remains one of the greatest acquisition methods for both retail and technology enterprises.

Generate Higher Clicks and Conversion Rates

Evidence has shown that utilizing email marketing to communication with both your current and prospective customers tends to yield an overall higher click and conversion rate. Customers already have a relationship with your business and when your email marketing is designed with a certain strategy in mind, they are encouraged to further interact with your business. Potential customers who sign up to be included in your mailing list are also much more likely to open and click on emails.

These individuals are likely in the midst of their buyer’s journey and have subscribed to your mailing list to learn more information about your products or services. So it is imperative that the information your company is providing is useful to both existing and potential customers. Most digital marketing companies are familiar with this and will ensure that your email marketing strategy is set up in a way to provide the most value to your business.

Showcase Your Expertise

Email marketing gives your business a unique opportunity to provide your customers with the most up-to-date, relevant, and important information for your industry. This grants your business the chance to show off a bit. Using email marketing to showcase the professionalism and experience that your business has enables your business to put its money where its mouth is. Many of the people signed up for a business’s mailing list are interested in the information deemed important by experts within that industry.

Build Awareness and Trust

Showcasing your experience can help develop a relationship with your existing customers. As you may have heard, business is no longer about one-and-done transactions. Developing and nurturing a relationship with customers to garner customer loyalty and develop a meaningful connection is the direction that business is traveling. Email marketing is an important step in helping a customer feel like more than just a number.

Stay Top of Mind

Not everyone on your email marketing list will already be a client. As mentioned previously, potential customers on their buyer’s journey may be subscribed to your mailing list to learn more about how your business operates, your overall experience, and your industry expertise. Timely communications from your business can help seal the deal on converting a potential customer to an existing customer.

Increase Website Traffic

It is fairly easy to see that email marketing is bound to have a positive effect on the traffic that your business’s website sees. Having a well thought-out email marketing strategy can ensure that your customers (and potential customers) are receiving communications that entice them to return to your website. This helps increase the overall level of traffic to your website and helps create repeat business.

The aforementioned perks are just some of the benefits that come from a well-developed email marketing strategy. Email marketing can have a wide variety of goals from increasing leads to customer engagement post-transaction to disseminating important information. Don’t be confused. Email marketing isn’t going away any time soon and by taking advantage of it your business can leverage yet another powerful marketing tool.

WSI Smart Marketing is a full service digital marketing company in Santa Rosa. Our team of professionals have the know-how and experience to help our clients grow their digital footprints. To learn more about our email marketing services in Sonoma County, please call us at (707) 843-3714.


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