Embrace Digital. Stay Human.

Blog Prompt:

Act as a digital marketing expert, you’ve been tasked to write a blog on the KPIs of a successful Google Ads campaign. In no more than 500 words, include a relevant hook with a significant statistic, highlight 3 major KPIs, and include a CTA that encourages readers to connect with Ryan Kelly to learn more.

Social Prompt:

Act as a social media specialist who runs the social media profiles for WSI Smart Marketing. The team has asked you to create a content calendar in table format for the month of May. Taking into consideration acknowledging major public holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, can you create a schedule of posts that has a 3 post per week cadence.

Please focus on WSI’s key services: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website Design, & Artificial intelligence. The posts should be diverse and highlight the expertise of WSI. Also, please include 2-3 culture posts about the team and 1-2 posts that are dedicated to lead generation.

In addition, please also suggest images that should go alongside each of the posts in this content calendar.

Analyze Sentiment Prompt:
Act as a data analyst. Please review the attached list of reviews for the company WSI Smart Marketing. As a marketer, you have been tasked to review and provide sentiment analysis for the company based on these reviews from existing clients.

Please present this data in a list format and visually appealing way. It is important that the raw data is formatted in a chart style. While reviewing the data, if you notice a reviewer’s full name for example: Jonathan Bridges, please omit that data from the output.

Once you have compiled the raw data please visually present the general sentiment and highlight the 5 most common recurring teams, note how many times a team member was mentioned, and the overall perceived sentiment of WSI by the client.

Use AI to Find AI Tools Prompt:

You work at WSI Smart Marketing and have been asked by the managing partner to help the company identify AI-based tools to improve client campaign performance and overall organizational efficiency.

Here are some key tasks they are looking for assistance with: content creation and generation, campaign performance analysis, social media content creation, website design and conversion optimization, virtual meeting notetaking, and invoicing.

Can you please provide a list of AI-powered tools that will help alleviate/address some of these issues for the team?

Create (Good) Images:

Can you create a photo realistic image for me of a cat sitting in a lemon tree on a summer day?

The sky should be clear, the grass green, and the cat should be lazily napping in the tree.