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How Does SEO Work on Google?

You might have heard the term, “SEO,” being thrown around when it comes to your website and online marketing. Have you wondered what it is and if it’s something you should be doing for your own website? If you are looking to build and grow your business, increase your brand’s exposure and credibility, be found more online, and be relevant and competitive in your industry – then all signs point to yes, you really should look into SEO and how can it impact your business and brand. SEO can be a complex process, but fear not, we’re here to help.

The Value of SEO

To start, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. The concept of SEO is the idea of repeatedly working on your website to let Google know you are the most relevant, valuable, trusted, unique, authoritative, and credible site out there. Google’s customers are those who use its search engine to find answers to their questions. So of course, Google works to make sure they provide the best answer to its customers. If you want your website to be found for a relative key phrase that someone searches, then doing SEO on your website is a must.

How SEO Works

For example, you might own a tire and automotive repair shop, and when people search, “tire shop near me” or “tire replacement in Santa Rosa,” you probably want to make sure your website comes up on the 1st page of Google – that’s when SEO comes into play. (Side bar – McLea’s Tire & Automotive Centers in Sonoma County is awesome! Great service at an affordable price. Just sayin’) Through a myriad of SEO strategies and best practices, your website can climb up the rankings and make it to the top of Google, or any other search engine like Bing or Yahoo. Some of these strategies include on page optimization, adding meta tags, writing blogs and press releases (known as content marketing), syndicating those content pieces to quality websites to create virtual popularity, optimizing your Google Business Listing, adding alt text to all the images on your website, and more. It’s by this continuous, monthly work on your website that your site will slowly start to achieve better organic rankings on Google. It does take some time to work, but it’s the investment in the long run that pays off.

Businesses are Doing SEO, Are You?

With online search on the rise, it’s become a must for any business, small to large, to include SEO in its business and marketing plans. If you’re wondering if your competitors are doing SEO and trying to get found in more places online – hence more sales and revenue – the chances are they probably are.

WSI Smart Marketing Provides SEO Services

We are a full digital marketing agency located in Sonoma County in California. Our experienced team is here to help businesses benefit from the power of the internet. Curious to find out more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, paid search, or other internet marketing strategies that can help your business grow? Call us for a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation free of charge at 707-843-3714, or contact us via our website.


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