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Every Site Needs an SSL Certificate: Here’s Why & What It Means for Your Site

Have you ever noticed some sites start with HTTP and others with HTTPS? And some sites have the word “Secure” in green lettering and some have an “i” with a circle around it? Starting early July 2018, Google is requiring every site to have an SSL certificate – meaning it needs to have the HTTPS in the URL and be marked as secure (hence the “s” after HTTP). Those “i” symbols will turn to red with the words “Not Secure” and potentially push people away from your site. Our SEO company in Sonoma County, WSI Smart Marketing, will explain what an SSL certificate is and how it will impact your site and search engine optimization (SEO).

What Is an SSL Certificate?

It is a security certificate that is installed on your website proving that the site is safe. Additionally, this certificate activates a secure connection between your site and the browser being used. In simpler terms – it’s basically an added security to keep hackers out. The URL would change from HTTP to HTTPS, with the green lettering “Secure” and padlock icon to easily signal your site’s secure status to visitors on your website.

SSL Certificates Help SEO

Not having an SSL certificate will impact and hurt your organic rankings and SEO significantly. Conversely, having one will help your SEO. So, if you are investing in search engine optimization (SEO) as part of your marketing plan, it is a MUST to make sure your site is marked secure. Think of it this way: if you don’t have the SSL certificate, a user will find your listing on a search page, click on your website link, and then will get a message saying that your site is not secure or safe to visit. What would you do? Leave the site? Probably. Nowadays, hackers are everywhere, and we need to be as cautious as possible.

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Additionally, Google may be flagging and adding a warning signal next to your website link in a search results page, ruining the conversion of people wanting to click on the search result with your website in the first place. If someone lands on your site and sees the “Not Secure” message, they will most likely spend less time on your site, see less pages, and/or leave right away increasing your bounce rate. This will decrease your traffic and further decrease conversions. No one wants less phone calls.

Our trusted team at WSI Smart Marketing can help you install an SSL certificate into your site to make sure it is secure, ultimately helping your SEO. To get an SSL certificate installed in your site, please contact our office in Sonoma County at 707-843-3714 or send us an email.


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