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Ryan Kelly Delivers Inaugural WSI Style TEDx Talk

WSI World is pleased to announce that Ryan Kelly was chosen as one of three inaugural speakers for WSI style TEDx. His 15-minute talk with the unusual title, “To Qualify or to Disqualify? How Talking Prospects Out of Doing Business with You Leads to a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle,” was well received to over 400 of his peers and the world.

Ryan Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing, COO and co-owner of WSI Smart Marketing, has over a decade of comprehensive digital marketing experience, and this is evident in his collaboration with every client he takes on. His innovative solutions to sales and marketing challenges consistently go beyond expectations.

Ryan has helped various businesses truly take off with his unique business management style and propensity for innovation and measured performance. And the fact that he’s well-versed in all areas of digital marketing – including Internet marketing, web design, conversion architecture, advanced conversion tracking, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, on and offline consulting and social media – only enhances his success rate.

But beyond his extensive and diverse professional expertise, Ryan’s client-centered approach never fails to focus on the personal, where he seeks to understand the unique way that a business wants to grow and flourish in the context of their field. He’s passionate about not only profits but also relationship-building. Ryan believes that the best way to connect – and to convert – is by getting to know what it is that people genuinely need and want.

There’s a certain flair he brings to every project, and that special element is that he really digs deep into what a company is about, what they aspire to become, and what their immediate focus needs to be. He can tell if someone needs to boost conversions, design display ads, or undergo a thorough website rebuild. And it is this tenacity and diligence that made


Ryan one of the top WSI International earners in 2017.

Above all else, Ryan always has a lot to say, and it never comes off as “fluff”; his words are always action-oriented, astute, and informative. He’s consistently looking for solutions and has a singular knack for accurately defining the needs of a business or partnership and developing concrete strategies to meet those needs, especially in terms of conversions.

We know Ryan will continue to deliver outstanding service for years to come. His contributions to WSI’s global team of 2,100 consultants have undoubtedly been remarkable and noted. We look forward to seeing what else he has in store.

Congratulations, Ryan!

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