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Why Your Business Should Utilize Live Videos

As video content continues to rise, so do the benefits of live streaming and engagement with your audience. With just a smartphone or webcam and microphone, you can step in front of your target audience anytime and anywhere. Live stream video engages your audience in ways other digital content formats cannot. Here are a number of reasons why integrating live videos into your marketing strategy provides more value for your business.

Audiences prefer live video

Today, the majority of digital consumers prefer live video to traditional in-feed social media posts. Audiences get excited by the idea of engaging directly with brands that matter to them. When you have an engaging Livestream, you’re more likely to spur your target audience to action.

Videos can be repurposed

Livestreams can be used in the short-term and long-term. Once the stream has ended, you can create new content from the saved video. This fresh content can be used on your social media platforms or strategically placed on your website to increase conversions.

Increased Conversions

Livestreaming can support your business and its digital marketing end goals, such as driving sales and increasing conversions. The relationship created online with your target audience can help boost sales intent and help solidify brand association. Displaying more of your business’s brand elements such as logos, products, and/or services, and your team all help create the bigger picture your target audience needs to see. Audiences will be more likely to interact when they are invited to engage.

Livestreaming is Cost-Effective

Livestreaming is incredibly cost-effective. With a smartphone and internet connection, you can get in front of your target audience much more easily. Your business’ customers are interested in seeing what makes your business great, so live streaming is an ideal low-cost way to show off your business authentically. Your options for content are limitless when the cost to market them goes down.

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