IGTV: Instagram’s New Feature for Visual Storytelling

October 30, 2018 | 3 minutes to read
IGTV: Instagram’s New Feature for Visual Storytelling

These days, attention spans are getting shorter by the day. Instagram, a dominant force in the social media world, wants to change that. With over one billion users and counting, Instagram is attempting to have its users watch longer-form video. And by longer, we mean longer than 60 seconds.

What is IGTV?

Instagram’s new video format, IGTV, is a way for its users to upload video content up to one hour in length. That’s quite the difference compared to its one-minute limit when a user posts a video on his or her feed. Even though attention spans are getting shorter, people still value compelling content. Businesses and brands are figuring out ways to get in front of consumers and see an opportunity with IGTV to do just that.


How does IGTV Work?

There are a few ways to use IGTV and it’s pretty simple. You can either download the IGTV app or watch within the Instagram app. IGTV is mobile friendly and built to watch on your smart phone, so the vertically-oriented videos are full screen. It’s like turning on the TV. When you open the app, IGTV begins playing. You can either watch content from people you follow or from others based on your interest.

Like TV, IGTV has channels. For example, WSI has its own Instagram account. We’ve recently created our own IGTV channel, with Ryan’s newest videos from his YouTube channel, SEO on the Go (check it out!). Instagram’s one-minute ceiling for video posts didn’t work best for our 90 second videos and we wanted a convenient way for our followers to watch the full videos. Luckily, IGTV just launched! Users can watch our videos and learn marketing tips and tricks not only through YouTube, but right within the Instagram app. As you can see below, the IGTV icon is on our profile and the moment you click it, it takes you straight to our IGTV channel.

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Don’t forget to check out Ryan Kelly’s YouTube channel, SEO on the Go! Have questions? Leave a comment and he might give you a shout out in his next video!

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