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Video. Video. Video.

Video is here and it’s not going anywhere! How do we know? Well, we’re not mind readers, but the data we analyze all month tells us people love watching videos and creates a better experience for those visiting a website. Think about all the current social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube – more and more people are using these networks to search for information, get the latest news, communicate with friends, and the list goes on. Video is a big part of that experience. For example, people are increasingly going to YouTube to research videos such as “how to” do something. Content in video format is growing more valuable every day.

Video Helps Digital Marketing & Organic Rankings

Google gives more “points” to sites using rich media – such as photos and videos. Why? As you may or may not know, Google’s main goal is to deliver the most valuable and relevant content to its users and all signs point to video. In today’s world, people are increasingly using mobile to search online. Users put a high value on videos, and as a result, those sites using a video strategy, are viewed by Google as “valuable and relevant” sites. The effect? Better Google rankings!


Does Video Really Work?

YES! Video not only enhances the user experience, it can help increase conversions. Here are some areas a video marketing strategy can help with:

• Increases SEO
• Increases social media
• Increases brand awareness, brand equity, and brand reputation
• Drives more traffic to your website
• Improves user engagement
• Increases conversions, which…
• Increases ROI

Have Questions?

We have a fun & creative social media marketing company, WSI Smart Marketing, in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’re interested in finding out how incorporating video marketing can help your online marketing strategy, including into your social media marketing, give us a call! WSI is a results-driven internet marketing agency obsessed with your success. We love helping and seeing businesses grow. Contact us via email for a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation free of charge or call us at 707-843-3714.


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