Steps to Build a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy

April 21, 2021 | 2 minutes to read
Steps to Build a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy

With close to four billion users, social media is no longer solely a medium to connect and stay in touch with the people who matter. Businesses of all shapes and sizes use social media to grow their fan base and increase brand awareness.

As businesses try to capture and hold their audience’s attention, social media is becoming a more competitive landscape with each passing year. To prevent your brand from getting lost in the chatter, you need to make it stand out.

Here are some tips to help you make your brand stand out on social media.

Set Your Goals 

First and foremost, establish your goals. Ask yourself the single most important question – what do you want to achieve? Work with a social media management company in Santa Rosa to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely).

Your goals should align with your overall marketing objectives. Typical examples include growing your fan base, increasing followers, generating leads and sales, and increasing website traffic.

Define Your Target Audience

Once you have set SMART goals, define your target audience. Creating buyer personas will enable you to understand who your target audience is, their pain points, and what they are expecting to find. You can use your findings to create engaging content.

Choose Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Once you have defined your target audience, think about which platforms you are most likely to reach them on. If, for instance, you are selling a B2B service, LinkedIn might be a better platform than Facebook.

Research Competitors

Knowing your competition is half the battle. Find out what your competitors are doing on social media. Take a look at their pages and evaluate their posts. See how they respond to positive feedback and negative comments and check what hashtags they use and the type of content they share.

Find out how often and at what times of the day they post. A competitor analysis will reveal your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Find out the things your competitors get right and learn from the things they get wrong.

Create Your Social Media Content Strategy

Come up with a content theme. Your theme could be based around industry news, a new campaign, or a product launch. An effective theme will give your content a structure. Plan what type of content goes on which site. Determine the right time and day to post on each platform.

Create engaging content that answers any questions and addresses any concerns your readers may have. Follow the 80/20 rule (as a rule of thumb, 80 percent of your posts should educate or entertain your audience, while 20 percent of your posts should promote your business).

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