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Top 4 Small Business Website Marketing Tips

Having a website is not enough. You also need to come up with a plan to get noticed. Website marketing involves promoting a website to drive traffic to it. An effective marketing strategy will make your website more visible, generate more traffic, increase your bottom line, and build brand awareness.

Here are some tips to help you promote your website from WSI Smart Marketing, SEO experts in Sonoma County.

Blog Regularly and Consistently

Google’s hunger for comprehensive content knows no bounds. Writing impactful content regularly increases your chances of showing up in Google results. Blog consistently to capture the attention of your target audience. Create better content for your target audience as it’s not only quantity but quality of content that helps rank on Google. Select the right topics and try to answer questions your current and prospective customers might have.

Use Email Marketing

Every business should have a lead nurturing program. Send follow-up emails to check in after the first meeting with a prospect or potential customer.

Use emails to welcome your new customers and push prospects to your website with contests, promotions, deals, and discounts. You are not the only one sending emails to your current customers, leads, and prospects. Your competitors are also trying to woo your target audience. Follow these best practices to make your emails stand out in a cluttered inbox.

  • Use an effective subject line
  • Make sure your follow-up revolves around the lead
  • Add some personalization
  • End your email with a call to action

Improve Your Website’s SEO

75% of users never scroll past the first page. Getting to the top of Google’s search will result in increased quality traffic and more visibility. Consider hiring an experience website marketing company in Sonoma County to help improve your digital footprint.

SEO should be a priority for every business. Typically, SEO gets more clicks than PPC, targets quality traffic, and is cost-effective. Use effective SEO techniques to drive organic growth.

Here are some SEO best practices to follow.

  • Make sure your content aligns with search intent
  • Use effective title tags and meta descriptions
  • Optimize your page speed and images
  • Use internal links to establish an information hierarchy

Build a Social Media Presence

Around four billion people (or 58% of the world’s population) use social media. Social media impacts consumer behavior in more ways than many people realize. Follow these tips to drive website traffic through social media.

  • Optimize your calls to action
  • Interact with your audience
  • Make your content shareable
  • Post consistently and when your target audience is active

WSI Smart Marketing is a leading website marketing company in Santa Rosa. Our team will come up with a plan to give your website the exposure it deserves. To consult one of our SEO experts, call (707) 843-3714.


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