What Makes a Website Mobile-Friendly?

March 22, 2022 | 2 minutes to read

The amount of traffic generated by those on mobile devices has grown significantly in the past decade. It is suggested that more than 85% of the internet’s population uses a mobile device to search the web.

Many daily activities rely on the use of mobile devices. Therefore, it may be surprising to learn that there are still websites on the internet that are not mobile-friendly.

What Does Mobile-Friendly Mean?

Devices such as smartphones and tablets are considered mobile devices. When a website is mobile-friendly, it means that these devices can access and utilize the website without a hitch.

To be considered mobile-friendly, a website must be responsive to mobile devices. Mobile responsive means a website will automatically adjust its sizing, layouts, and proportions to fit the screen of a mobile device. Without the need to zoom in and out, a responsive website will automatically generate a to-scale version of the website. A mobile responsive website is accessible, adaptable, and above all else, friendly for mobile users.

Why Is It Important?

Do you use your website as a tool to generate leads, provide information, or showcase the work of your business? Then it should be important to you, as a website and business owner, that your site is readily available to any user that may want to visit. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it does not provide access to more than 85% of the internet’s population that uses mobile devices.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we understand the value of visitors to your website. Visitors are more than just clicks and views. Those clicks are clients, and a potential new lead or customer. It is said that by designing responsive mobile platforms, 62% of companies increase their sales. That is why it should be a top priority for a business to ensure that they are running a mobile responsive website.

A website that is not mobile-friendly will not only miss a large portion of its potential audience but will also struggle for first-page results on search engines like Google.

Fun fact: Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and more than half of the world’s searches are made from mobile devices.

If Google recognizes that your website is not compatible with more than half of its daily inquires, it may negatively impact your website’s domain authority, making it difficult for your website to perform well on the search engine’s results pages.

How to Make a Website Mobile-friendly?

Are you looking to make sure your website is mobile-friendly? Hiring a website design company is the easiest way to turn an old, non-responsive website into an accessible, mobile-friendly one.

By implementing a responsive layout, a professional can easily migrate your website to an updated and responsive version. This ensures accessibility and overall customer satisfaction on your website.

As a top-rated website design company in Northern California, our experts at WSI Smart Marketing work with businesses across a wide array of industries to create custom high performing, mobile responsive websites. To learn more about how we can ensure your website is mobile-friendly, contact our team at (707) 843-3714.

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