Wondering How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business?

September 26, 2014 | < 1 minutes to read
Wondering How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business?

Wondering How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business?

Ryan Kelly, co-owner of WSI Smart Marketing, is a certified WSI Social Sales Consultant. Here are a few tips and tricks a person or business can use when leveraging LinkedIn for inbound lead generation.

Four Basic Recommendations for LinkedIn Use

1. Make sure your profile is 100% completed.
2. Post new content on a regular basis.
3. Don’t be afraid to use a good call to action.
4. Join groups!

Four Rules to Follow When Using LinkedIn

1. Have insightful comments.
2. Share your content multiple times.
3. Connect with buyers reading your content.
4. Bring influencers into the conversation.

Four Daily Steps to Make for a Good Routine When Using LinkedIn

1. Find people to connect with.
2. Listen to what people are saying.
3. Respond and connect to users.
4. After engaging in a published post, connect privately.

This guide will show you how to utilise LinkedIn for Professional Networking activities and how to get the most out of this social networking site then must visit

If you have questions about how to use LinkedIn for your business, how to leverage Social Media as a whole or how to leverage the power of the Internet to create inbound lead generation, don’t hesitate to call and set up a free initial consultation at 707-843-3714.

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