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3 Valuable KPIs to Measure Your SEO Campaign

“How do I know if my SEO campaign is performing well?” As an SEO consultant in San Francisco, we are frequently asked this question. Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to improve your website’s rankings on search engine result pages such as Google. This process can be difficult to track if you don’t know which key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure. Here are our top 3 KPIs that can help you start tracking the success of your SEO campaign.

1. Organic Traffic Sessions

With the best practices in place, SEO will begin to generate more traffic to your website from search engines. Since the primary focus of any SEO campaign is to increase organic traffic, this will be a valuable KPI to monitor throughout the campaign.

Check your Google Analytics reports to track the changes in your website’s organic traffic. At the beginning of an SEO campaign, numbers may be skewed as search engines verify changes being made in the optimization process by your SEO consultant. With time, a website will begin to experience more regular and reliable organic traffic reporting.

2. Keyword Rank Growth and Visibility

Another KPI to help track your SEO campaign performance is keyword ranking growth and visibility. It is important to include keyword phrases that you wish to rank for throughout your website. Your SEO consultant will work with you in choosing strategic keywords to enhance your organic website traffic. Over time, search engines will begin to index your website with these phrases and your site should start ranking when searches are made.

A successful campaign will see these keyword rankings improve month after month.

3. Online Conversions

An online conversion is when a visitor completes a desired action on a website.

For example, a dentist’s office may desire a website visitor to call its phone number from its website to book an appointment, while an online clothing brand might desire a website visitor to complete an email signup to receive marketing emails.

A conversion’s deeming desirability is up to the website owner. Common online conversions are phone calls, form submissions, newsletter signups, and completed sales, to name a few. Your SEO consultant will help you determine which conversions are most relevant to your campaign goals.

WSI Smart Marketing is comprised of expert SEO consultants in the San Francisco area where each month, we provide KPI-oriented reporting to ensure quality performance for our clients’ SEO campaigns. To learn how we can help your business track online performance, contact us at (707) 843-3714.


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