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How the Right SEO Consultant Can Help Your Business

Every business needs an effective SEO strategy. When done correctly, SEO has several benefits. It can help drive more website traffic, increase website conversion rates, improve user experience, build brand awareness, and improve your site’s ranking.

Tempted to do your SEO yourself? Take a pause and rethink your decision. SEO is ever evolving. The trends, methodologies, and SEO tools that are in vogue today, can fall out of favor tomorrow. If you try to do everything yourself, you may end up down the wrong path.

Google keeps an eye on consumer behavior trends and keeps tweaking its algorithm to improve user experience. SEO consultants in San Francisco are subject matter experts. They keep up to date with Google’s ever-changing guidelines. They use their expertise to help clients anticipate and build a future-ready digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to SEO, one size does not fit all. An SEO strategy that works great for your competitor, can fail to produce results for you. Your SEO consultant will build and implement a customized strategy to fit your unique needs.

Here are some things an SEO consultant can do for your business.

Perform Keyword Research

Keywords can make or break your SEO. No matter how intriguing, thought-provoking, or insightful your content is, if it includes the wrong keywords, it will fail to generate relevant traffic.

SEO consultants have the skills required to do exhaustive keyword research. They use their knowhow, search query data, and use different tools to find the most relevant and popular keywords related to what your clients are searching online.

Your consultant will help you identify high-potential keywords (that might return long-term results) and potential pitfalls (such as high competition and hard-to-rank search terms).

Build a Site Architecture That Works

Website architecture matters. You need to ensure your website architecture makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Your SEO consultant will organize your pages in a logical manner, and group them together to ensure they are easy to navigate. They will ensure your content is optimized for SEO, website contains minimal clutter, and allows website visitors a clear path to follow.

Link Building Strategy

Links help build credibility, drive website traffic, and can help your website stand out from the crowd as an authority site.

Your SEO consultant will guide you through the link building process. They will help you identify the type of content that organically attracts links in your niche. Your consultant will also discuss link building pitfalls that are to be avoided.

WSI Smart Marketing is a top-rated digital marketing agency in San Francisco. Over the years, we have helped several businesses grow their online presence. To make an appointment with an SEO expert, call (707) 843-3714.


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