Do Outbound Links Matter For SEO?

October 23, 2020 | 2 minutes to read

It is 2020 and businesses have started using multiple technologies to work up the ladder of financial growth. It is a competitive environment, but most companies have managed to work well with the competition with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many companies in Santa Rosa have found themselves in need of SEO services, especially when it comes to generating quality content marketing strategies. The concept of outbound links has also come into existence with the upgrades in technology. Businesses are starting to devise new tools, mediums, and methods to reach their customers.

Understanding Outbound Links

To know whether outbound links matter for SEO, it is first essential to understand what outbound links are. Simply put, outbound links are those links which are placed in articles and content to verify the facts, sources, and other things on other websites on the internet.

  • These links transport you to other articles that may not be directly connected to the business’s website that you are currently on.
  • Outbound links are also known as external links, which can be said to be opposite to inbound links. While inbound links are links from other websites back to your site, outbound links are sites from your website to other websites.

Objectives of Outbound Links for SEO

It has been seen that by conducting various SEO practices, outbound links have grown substantially recently. Outbound links are often used to check the number of followed and unfollowed links associated with a post.

  • Followed links refer to a mechanism where search engines can follow outbound links, adding value to the article. It may even help rank such items better.
  • Nofollow links don’t let search engines follow them through to the other website. So, they don’t contribute to or add value to the articles.

Significance of Outbound Links in SEO

After a complete analysis, it can be said that outbound links do matter for SEO. They prove to be advantageous in several ways:

  • Increase Relevance

The algorithms Google uses in determining search result relevance can learn many things about businesses and industries based on the content being cited. By having verified, high domain authority outbound links, it can strengthen the perceived relevance of your content.

  • Boost Value

If you want results, then outbound links are one of the best solution for businesses. Quality content and better material are more likely to reach readers than lower quality content. Therefore, outbound links can be used to give a boost to the company.

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