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How Can You Identify Opportunities to Grow Your Business Online

So you feel like your business is performing online. You’ve been partnering with a digital marketing company in Sonoma County for some time now. Maybe you’ve noticed increased calls from leads or maybe an upswing in business so you’re looking for a new team member or expanding your services. These are all great signs of a business’s growth, but how can you determine which aspect of digital marketing to invest in? Read on to learn some of the signs to look for growth opportunities in the digital space.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has always been a reliable generator of long-term growth for businesses. It boasts strong organic growth that helps businesses develop and sustain the foundation of their online presence. Depending on the scope of your business’s SEO campaign, be it local or national, there are several key indicators you should look at to help determine the health of your campaign. These key performance indicators (KPIs) can also be used when making strategic decisions when identifying opportunities for growth.

Traffic Analytics

Spending the time to analyze detailed reporting metrics for your business’s site can prove valuable in identifying opportunities for growth and expansion. Using Google Analytics can provide a view into how users are navigating the site, their experience, and how they interact with it. Here are some KPIs to take into consideration:

  • Month over Month: Compares the most recent month to that of the previous period. For example, comparing data from July against June.
  • Year over Year: Compares data from the most recent month to that same month of the previous year. For example, comparing July of 2020 to July of 2019.
  • User Flow: Shows the path that users take to navigate your site. This proves helpful in identifying popular products or services that can be utilized to further stimulate growth.

These three KPIs are integral in identifying opportunities based on trends in your web traffic. There are two trends that can indicative of growth opportunity: a rapid, sustained spike or a long period of stagnation. The rapid spike can be the result of SEO efforts to secure a featured snippet, while a long period of stagnation can be the result of reaching the maximum available audience based on currently targeted keyword phrases.


Your campaign’s keyword phrases are the bread and butter of your SEO campaign. They help guide the on-site optimizations and provide benchmarks in terms of month-to-month rankings. A simple explanation is that keyword phrases help set the frame for the target of your campaign. Knowing that, paying attention to the overall average rankings for your campaign’s keywords can help identify when expansion is worth looking into. Generally, when a vast majority of the phrases occupy the top 3 spots on a SERP it is worth looking into expansion to help widen the scope of potential audience.

New Services/Geographies

If your business has recently launched a new service, product, or moved into a new geography. It is imperative that your digital expansion mirrors that of your physical one. Choosing to utilize all available mediums ensures that the new footprint left by your business is the largest possible. Adding new geographies can also open up new markets and previously untapped digital spaces.

Paid Search

If there’s one thing paid search is, it’s measured. Investing into an optimized paid search campaign can prove to be a large boon for your business. Paid search campaigns that were thoughtfully and intelligently crafted are developed in such a way that you will be able to know the additional amount of leads you can generate by increasing the size of the campaign. This, in turn, allows you to reliably generate more business under the old adage ‘spending money to make money’.

Impression Share

Impression share is the percentage of time your ads show up on Google when someone is searching for a product or service related to your campaign. A proper analysis of impression share on a campaign, and ad group, basis can be the key of knowing where a campaign is performing strongly, where it is lackluster, and where competitors are putting their efforts. This information enables business owners, and their marketing teams, to make informed decisions based on tangible ROI and real-time information.

This can be taken a step further when considering the top impression share and the absolute top impression share. These metrics track when your ads are showing in the top three posts and when they are showing in the top spot respectively. Increase your growth digitally then you should also grow on digitally. In out-of-home advertising, digital billboard are computer-controlled electronic displays with technical capabilities that are elevating the medium to a new level.

Social Media

How many platforms is your business on? More importantly, what platforms are your target audience on? Social media is about occupying the same space as your audience and, therefore, making it easier for them to interact with your brand. So, in short, whatever platforms they are on, you should be on! Did your business start small with only one or two platforms when first developing and strategizing your social media campaign? Well, it may be time to expand based on where your audience is spending their time.

If it’s time to increase your company’s brand awareness, social media is a great option for making potential customers aware of your business and its operations. Working with a social media coordinator can help guarantee that your business has a sound social media strategy with your goals in mind.

In the end, digital marketing efforts should culminate in the goal of gaining more business. So having your finger on the pulse of your business and its operations is a great way to help keep track of its growth. After all, any reputable digital marketing company in Sonoma County is going to help facilitate your business’s measured growth through in-depth reporting. This helps you determine some of the tangible ROI of your marketing efforts and determine which solutions are working the best for your business.

Similarly, knowing your organizations goals can help you direct your digital growth. Need leads now? Invest in paid search. Looking to grow your organic reach for a long term, sustainable growth? Search engine optimization is your bet. Need more people to learn about your business? Engage with them on social media.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency who is committed to helping your business grow means that you have a team of experts able to help you make the right decisions when it comes to growing your business online. WSI Smart Marketing’s team of expert digital marketers have been helping agencies in Sonoma County and nation-wide grow their digital presence for over a decade. Call us today at (707) 843-3714 for a free consultation regarding your business’s opportunities for growth.


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